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2 hours fast delivery by Poorvika.

Poorvika is proudly presenting “2 Hour Fast Delivery,” which gets your smartphones, accessories, gadgets, and other electronics delivered to your doorstep in an instant thanks to our exiting hassle-free algorithm. Pick your favorite mobile and accessories from a vast array selection on our website, add your Delivery Pincode, and check the service’s availability in your location, then opt for the 2 Hour Fast Delivery and get your doorstep delivery done.

So, how does it work?
With over 400 live functioning outlets located all across India, when the order is placed, the alert reaches our Corporate office in Chennai. The logistics team takes over, and Stock Verification is carried out using their specialized Logistics & Tracking algorithm. Once the verification process is done, the order information is passed onto to the nearest showroom to your delivery location. This is when Poorvika’s dedicated Outbound doorstep delivery team takes the order in their hand, and they will make sure you receive your order right on time at your doorstep.

That’s all??
No, we have a lot more to offer. Yes, Poorvika has many more delivery options to offer, like:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • PickUp @ Store
  • Standard Delivery

We know that this is confusing, so let us explain this to you in detail.

1. Same Day Delivery.

Let’s assume you are placing an order between 12 AM to 6 PM on our website, and your product delivery location is in and around 50KM from the nearest showroom.
Well, Congratulations. You are eligible for Same Day Delivery.
So get ready to open the door and welcome your new phone home.

2. Next Day Delivery.

Yes, you heard it right.
When you place an order from our website after 6 PM, and if your delivery location is less than 50KM, you can opt for Next Day Delivery and receive your product without any delay.
Which makes Poorvika the best place for your midnight shopping spree.

3.Pick Up @ Store.

Is it your girlfriend’s birthday and you forgot to get her a gift?
Don’t worry. We got your back.
Order your favorite mobile or gadget from the Poorvika online store and pick up your order on the way to her place.
Does it sound like regular Off-line shopping?
No, let us explain it to you.
When you go for Pick Up @ Store, you will eliminate the extra time you spend time in the store, and you can also get a clear view of what you need and suffering online lets you easily compare your choice with 1000s of other options to help you make a clear decision. And yes, don’t forget, you won’t miss out on our ongoing sales and offers when you check the website.

4.Regular Deliver.

Ordering from a place far away from the nearest Poorvika Showroom? Located in a state where Poorvika is not present physically yet?
No worries, Poorvika delivers Pan-India. Opt for our Regular Delivery Option, and we will ensure that your Order reaches your doorsteps at the earliest time possible without fail.

Want to know about the Advantages of Online shopping ??

Relax, let us help you out.
The greatest advantage of shopping online is the convenience you get. You will not find long queues while shopping, and there is no closing time for an online store as you can order 24/7, and it’s easily accessible. There is no place better to learn about the product than an online store.
Online stores give you all the information you need about the product in a single click.

Better Price:
Online stores are excellent when it comes to providing better deals and offers. You can keep an eye out for ongoing promotions and get exclusive Cashbacks & Discounts when you order online.

The number of online store choices is impressive, and Online shopping sites display multiple brands at the same place, making it easy for the user to pick from.
You can also actively compare similar products so you can make the best choice.

Fewer Expenses:
We all would have experienced this in our life. Each time we go shopping outside, we tend to spend much more than what we initially planned. Not to mention the cost of transportation, eating out, parking, etc. Shopping online cuts all this cost and saves a lot for us.

Price Comparison:
Researching and Comparing multiple devices is much more comfortable online and more convenient so. Online shopping allows us to share and review the product we are interested in. We can also look up reviews about the devices at the same time on youtube and other websites.


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