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Best Big screen smartphone.

Big Screen Smartphones give you a complete experience of watch videos, lose yourself in the next level gaming experience, or to text with excellent speed and lesser typos. Big Screen Smartphones were once called phablets and these devices are well known to carry larger batteries.
So, let’s check out the top three best Bigscreen Smartphones.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, holds the title of the Best big-screen smartphone ever, 12 Pro Max sports a 6.7-inch outstanding OLED display with a brilliant color emission making it incredibly immersive. This device packs a lot of external features other than just a good display which includes a super-fast A14 Bionic chipset and this specific chipset is considered as one of the fastest chipset ever. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max lets you experience the best of 5G networking and need not mention about the camera qualities of this sweet device.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is definitely a beast of a big phone segment and to protect the display this device carries a Ceramic Shield that saves the screen from massive drops. Apple iPhone is designed in a way to offer 11 hours of battery life. Even with carrying all these excellent features, this device manages to sport a sleek elegant look.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The best big-screen smartphone you can buy that allows you to customize your phone as you wish is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and majestic device sports a 6.9-inch dynamic display with an outstanding 120Hz refresh rate which offers super-smooth scrolling and gaming experience without any struggle. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a panel that is smart enough to dial things down based on what’s being displayed to conserve battery life. Note 20 ultra comes with an S Pen which carries a lot of upgrades than its previous successor, With its fast 9ms response time and new air gestures this device allows you to sync your scribbles with voice recordings.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has an outstanding score even when in the camera segment. This device offers a 108MP main camera which never misses out on even the smallest detail and the added advantage this device carries is a laser autofocus sensor that does a good job of eliminating virtually blurriness. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also sports an impressive 50x Space Zoom letting you cut in very close details. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also offers you to stream Xbox games, running Android apps on your laptop with a simple Link.

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Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2

There is no other phone that can offer you a bigger display than the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, this device offers a 7.6-inch display. Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 consists of a massive panel that takes care of running multiple applications at once and it sure does an outstanding job.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 gives you the freedom of full screen and it doesn’t let you feel heavy like a tablet. Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2, folds down to a 6.2-inch cover display that allows you to access all the applications and run them with the same efficiency as the primary panel. making it Even better, Samsung’s clever Continuity software takes care of applications you’re using on either display. Samsung Galaxy Z features like the only best foldable phone on the market.

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