Apple Airpods Max – Prebooking!

Apple Airpods Max Prebook

The iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods (in-the-ear), and Homepods – Apple had set its footprint in the World of Technology and had never let us feel bored! Apple has always been a tough competitor in the world of Music, integrating the most advanced technologies to offer an exemplary Audio experience. But how about some over-the-earphones with a fashionable design, extreme noise cancellation, and an uber-cool audio performance?! YESSS!!! Apple proudly made this happen by introducing the Apple Airpods Max over-the-ear Headphones from the house of Apple! Diehard Apple Lovers are going crazy about the release of Airpods Max engineered with the best of everything.

Airpods Max Specifications:

Apple Airpods Max is delicately engineered with finesse to bring sophistication and luxury to the whole design. The matte black Headband is beautifully knitted with a mesh that reduces the overall feeling of heaviness on your head. The Headphones are supported by a stainless steel frame with a soft-to-touch material offering complete flexibility and comfort. Place it to your comfort by extending the telescopic arms and listen hassle-free.

The Hero of the show, the aluminum cups, are beautifully designed to offer independent rotation and give you zero pressure. The ear cushions sealed with mesh textile are engineered to perfection, offering plush softness while listening and adds to the incredible audio experience. Apple has given an antique touch to the headphones by providing a Digital Crown that does wonders in controlling – Turn for Volume Control, Press once to play/pause/answer call, Press twice to skip forward, Press 2 times to skip back & Press and Hold for Siri. Now, you have got the superpower to mute your ambient noise whenever you want. With a single press on the Noise Control Button, you switch to Active Noise Cancellation mode (Batman mode) and press again to return to the Transparency mode.

Coming to Audio Quality, the magic of immersive audio listening is accomplished by the Apple-designed Dynamic Driver with a wide frequency that gives intense details. The powerful, Apple-designed H1 cup in each chip (10 cores in each chip), uses Computational Audio to deliver exceptional quality and a theater-like experience. The combination of high-fidelity Audio and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation gives you an unmatched audio listening experience.

Be it deep, rich, and Heavy Bass or accurate and crisp notes, Airpods Max makes every note sound as clear as a bell. Active Noise Cancellation is achieved by the combination of six outward-facing Microphones that detect the environment noise and two inward-facing Microphones to hear your voice, and an additional microphone to amplify the voice. Brownie points to the Spatial Audio with Dynamic Head Tracking that detects the subtle motion of your head and aligns the sound accordingly.

Still, sitting with your jaw open in awe?! Let me show you some more magic!! Thanks to On-head Detection, whenever you take your Headphones off, the music pauses and then resumes when you put them back on. With the new message announcement feature, take the luxury of Siri reading out your incoming messages and asking it to reply back.

The best part is that the Apple Airpods Max comes with a Smart case. The Airpods preserves charge by entering an ultra-low-power state when placed in the case. Experience the 20 Hours of uninterrupted listening time with a single charge. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0, among various other multiple sensors. Experience hassle-free connectivity by just letting it near your iPhone or iPad and tap to ‘Connect’.

Apple never bores you by giving monotonous color variants! Now you can match your outfits with the premium and funky color variants that include Silver, Space Grey, Sky Blue, Pink, and Green. Apple Airpods Max price in India is Rs.59,900. What are you still waiting for?! Come out of your imaginary Apple world and own it today. Be your own Santa this Christmas and gift yourself a pair of Apple Airpods Max Online from the Poorvika Website. Prebook your devices right away to get notified and stay on top of the crowd! Merry Christmas!!



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