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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen – A Ball of Happiness


Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation shares all features of its predecessor. Does it just share? Or it offers more than its predecessor. In terms of aesthetics, we were reminded of the blue sphere which most of us will have seen during our school days.


On scale this spherical device is 3.9 inches tall and weighs 341 grams. On the front it has a 1.6 inch in- built speaker for audio output. You can also connect to external speakers to for a profound listening. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Its bottom is equipped with a LED. It is not merely for aesthetics because if the microphone is turned off, the LED light turns red which means Echo Dot cannot hear what you are saying. Four buttons on its top are volume up, down, microphone off/on and an action button.


If you have other smart gadgets in your home, you can simply control all devices through your voice. Apart from controlling smart devices, you can ask it to do whatever you have been on your own to this day. Echo Dot lets you play your favorite songs, it will remind your beloved one’s special days. Apart from letting you control everything around you through your voice. It automatically lessens power consumption when the device is idle.


Utter this phrase “Alexa” after it goes to low power mode. For setting up Echo Dot you need to open Alexa application on your mobile and continue with your Wi-Fi network that is all. Now are ready to access Echo Dot 4th Generation.” It is bilingual to be more comprehensive Echo Dot can speak two languages English and Hindi.

After using it for two weeks our initial impression of this device has rapidly changed. Having made our tedious tasks simple we can now affirm this is surely a ball of happiness.


Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation price in India is Rs. 3,999 in India. It is available in Black, Blue colors. Order it from Poorvika and get it delivered home within two hours by availing our 2 hour delivery service.



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