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Noise Cancellation in Headset: What exactly it is?

What do you prefer? Waking up to the sound of bird’s chirping or waking up to the sound of never ending traffic?

Well, it is very evident that most of us would prefer to start our mornings with a peaceful sound or at the least without any disturbing noise.

Gone are the days where we used to have a beautiful morning without any stress or anxiety.

In the fast moving city life, the morning traffic noise is all enough to induce stress and anxiety!

So, what can we do? Moving away from city is impossible. But leading a noise-free life even in this noise-filled life is very much possible. Wondering how?

Say hello to these industry leading Noise cancellation headset that reduces the noise making it possible to listen to music, calls or any audio content for that matter.

Now, let us understand what exactly does this Noise cancelling devices do?

The world is seeing a great technological advancement that we can add or delete anything from our lives. 20 years back, we would have not thought that we might be able to delete the unwanted noise from our lives by just plugging in a small piece of a device.

Let us have a quick look at what exactly is the physics behind these noise-cancelling headsets:

The Noise cancelling headphones use Active Noise Control or ANC to cancel the lower-frequency portions of the noise thereby controlling the unwanted sound or noise to a greater extent.

It has a microphone that captures the undesired sounds and generates waves that are exactly opposite to it, thus colliding and eliminating the targeted unwanted noise.

It is also equipped with soundproofing, that prevents the higher-frequency noise from reaching the ear.

Let’s look at some of the premium Noise-cancelling devices that let you lead a peaceful life!

Bose BT Quiet control 30 Bluetooth Headset:

Bose BT Quiet Control 30 Bluetooth neckband is one of premium noise cancelling Headsets that is available in the market.

It has an in-built mic and can be connected with both NFC and Bluetooth technology.

You can wear this Noise-cancelling headset irrespective of the heavy rain and snowfall as it is both weather and water-resistant. Worry not about the strain it imposes on your neck as it weighs like a feather around your neck.

 As, this product of Bose headphones understands your love for a peaceful environment, it has designed a 10-hour long battery life that lets you enjoy the peacefulness for a longer time.

The headset is available in Black colour and the Bose Quiet Control 30 price in India is around INR 24,999.

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Marshall Minor II Bluetooth Headset:

Marshall Minor II Bluetooth Headset works on Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX technology. It makes sure that it fits your ear properly and hence it has an innovative ear-fit system that has an adjustable loop for an optimized and ergonomic fit.

This noise-cancelling Headset provides a wide range of connectivity that gives you the convenience and freedom to move upto 30 feet from your mobile while you still stay connected.

Everybody is tired of low battery life and this product of Marshall overcomes this issue by designing a long standing battery that stays charged for 12 hours so you can listen to your favourite track without break.

It weighs around 22.5 gms and it is currently available in Brown colour and Marshall Minor 2 price in India is around INR 7,899.

Oppo Enco Q1 Wireless Active Bluetooth Headset:

This professional voice cancellation device turns on the noise cancelling mode with just a tap.

Oppo Enco Q1 is specifically designed to cancel noise from different environments ranging from the traffic noise to the daily life noise which your chatter box friend creates!

It has a long-standing battery that lets you play 15 hour playtime with noise cancellation, 22 hour run time for either noise cancellation or music, and with a total of stand by of around 300 hours.

Distracted during your work? Plug in this wonderful piece of technology and get immersed in your own world.

It is available in black color and the Oppo Enco Q1 price in India is just INR 4,999/-

Realme Buds Wireless Pro Bluetooth Headset:

The Realme Buds Wireless Pro Headset cancels noise upto 35db that teleports you to a calm and peaceful place. This IPX4 Water Resistant device ensures durability and protection from rain water, sweat and the changing weather. So, worry not and keep up the adrenaline rush during your physical activity. And happy news is that, its battery takes just 1.5 hours to charge fully. If suppose you are in a rush, charge your device for just 5 minutes and play music for 100 full minutes!

This 33gm lightweight neckband is available in Party Yellow colour and the Realme Buds Wireless Pro Headset’s price in India is 3,500 INR.

Anker Soundbuds Rise (Neck Band) Bluetooth Headset:

Anker Soundbuds Rise Headset ensures perfect fit, ensuring an easy and a comfortable hearing experience. This Noise cancellation device is IPX5 water Resistant & Sweat proof that protects your device from damage due to Water splash, dust and dirt. This Neckband has an enduring battery life that lets you listen upto 10 hours without any break. It has earbuds in 3 different sizes from which you can choose one for a perfect fit.

Anker Soundbuds Rise Bluetooth Headset is available in black colour and its price in India is 1899 INR.

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