What are the M1 MacBook Variants Available in Poorvika


Gadgets, Accessories, Phones, Laptops. You name it, and Poorvika has it all under one roof. All the latest releases in the tech market don’t take long to pop up in the inventory. One such example is the Range of the newest M1 loaded MacBook series of notebooks from Apple. The MacBook Series comes in two models. The light as air MacBook Air and pro-level performance-oriented MacBook Pro. Both these notebooks are built to outperform, and they do just that.

The MacBook Air is one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks from Apple. Known for its sleek design but extreme performance, the 2020 version of this blade-like laptop houses Apple’s newest chipset, the M1. The new MacBook Air comes with a 13″ Retina Display and True Tone Technology that alters the screen’s color temperature according to the type of ambient light in the user’s environment. What makes this even better is that it does this in real-time, altering it every time the ambient light changes. In some cases, it can slightly get in the way of editing as it taints images or content with a slightly yellow tinge.

The New M1 Chipset comes in two variants of the Air. The 512GB Storage variant with an 8 core GPU and the 256GB variant with a 7 core GPU. The GPU of both variants have a 16 core neural engine that is capable of mindblowing 11 trillion calculations per second with the help of the two Machine Learning accelerators. The brand new M1 Chipset from Apple is a task eating monster built to take any task that you throw at it. The M1 packs 8 cores split into 4 efficiencies and 4 performance cores. The 4 Efficiency cores handle the smaller everyday tasks, clearing the performance cores to handle the heavier ones. The 4 Performance Cores, on the other hand, take up processing heavier tasks like recording, mixing, and mastering in much heavier softwares like Logic Pro.

The BigSur OS has been developed to squeeze every bit of performance out of the M1 quite literally. With a host of advantages like best in class security, privacy, and a whole set of powerful updates for apps, this is as apple states their most powerful software that’s running on their most advanced hardware to date. This means the new Laptops become snappier and more responsive.

The MacBook Pro Comes with a 13″ Retina Display that brings colors to life with its wide P3 Color Gamut. With 500nits of brightness and 25 percent more colors than sRGB, the vibrancy of colors are the least of anyone’s worries. The M1 Chipset that comes loaded in the Pro is just as capable as Apple states making it one of the most powerful chipsets ever created by the tech giant. Its 4 Performance cores, in combination with the 4 Efficiency cores, are capable of handling even the most demanding tasks.

The 8 core GPU is more powerful than ever, with its 16 core neural engine capable of performing a mind-boggling 11 trillion operations per second. This allows for machine learning that’s 11 times faster, translating into better performance in terms of powering and handling workflows that would usually be harder to take on in normal cases.

The Storage space, however, differs from each variant. The MacBook Pro comes in two storage variants: 256GB and 512GB SSD, whereas the MacBook Air comes in a single storage variant of 512GB SSD. The Weight of the MacBook Air Checks out at 1.29Kg, and the MacBook Pro checks out at 1.4Kg

Both these models can be found on the Poorvika Website. The price of the M1 MacBook Pro with the 512GB SSD is Rs.1,42,900 while the 256GB SSD Variant of he M1 MacBook Pro is priced at Rs.1,22,900. The MacBook Air with the 512GB SSD is priced at Rs.1,17,900. You can get these products even faster with Poorvikas 2 hour delivery promise as you opt for the 2 Hour Fast Delivery option during the time of placing the order.



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