Is the Marshall Stanmore II worth buying?! The things you need to have a look at!


Did you have a curve on your lips after seeing the name Marshall? We will be affirming that you must belong to the Generation X or Generation Y. Renowned pop artists like Jimi Marshall Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and many other artists used amplifiers manufactured by Marshall. After 50 years of dominance in the music industry. They stepped into manufacturing speakers only 3 years back. But the fact is: Marshall speakers are not manufactured in Bletchley, England. It is manufactured by a Swedish manufacturer named Zound Industries. Scroll down to know whether it is worth buying? We know history does not lie and history can advocate for a product. But do you know what defines a product? It is how a product performs in real-world which is the superlative element in determining and defining a product. Read the blog to know about the things you need to know about Marshall Stanmore speaker.

Marshall Stanmore IIFeatures

After unboxing Stanmore II we extensively surfed on web only to discover that aesthetics of Stanmore speaker resembles their Guitar amplifier. Its frame is covered by vinyl leather. On the front sewn fabric is holding the company’s logo which is made of gold-colored metal. While looking at the fabric in distance, it looked like a grill made of chromium steel. The quality and functionality of knobs placed on top of the speaker were phenomenal. Beside three knobs, there are underlit LED that shows you the level of volume, bass, treble. LED light on the right at the bottom of the speaker’s front turns white while microphone is turned on. Light displays orange color if microphone is muted.

If Marshall had provided a handle on the top of the speaker. Carrying it will have been more like a bicep curl since it weighs around 4.6 kilograms. Earlier we ridiculed the weight of Stanmore speaker. Now we will tell you the reason why it is heavy. It has a 50 watt class D amplifier and two 15 watt class D amplifier for the tweeters. In order to minimize input voltage an amplifier need to have a step down transformer. A step down transformer minimalizes input watt to prevent device getting damaged.

Likewise to increase audio output, step up transformer must elate input watt to suit requirements of a device. Both step up and step down involves the process of conducting and resisting electricity. For conducting and resisting electricity, transformers must be equipped with cores winded using copper. It is because of these copper bulky layer of copper winding Stanmore II is weighing heavy.

While playing Mona Gasolina song, decibel level reached 110. You will feel its raw bass, and incredible volume even while sitting 20 feet away from the speaker. What amazed us is: there was no distortion at maximum volume. However with Marshall Voice application you cannot customize equalizer. You will need a third party application to adjust default equalizer settings. Android users have a reason to be delighted since it supports APTX High Definition audio transfer. Transmitting 24-bit audio wirelessly became possible after Qualcomm launched this code. This codec lets you identify music of woodwind instrument in a track. Amazon Alexa will do everything that you will have done all these days using your hands.

It is available only in Black color. Marshall Stanmore II Voice Bluetooth Speaker price in India is Rs. 29,999. Buy it online from Poorvika. Avail our 2 hour delivery service, only then we will be able to deliver your products to your doorstep.



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