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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Review


While uttering the words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you,” Graham Bell would not have even dreamt that: his invention will become a vital element in shaping up the future. Even people who attended the well-known exhibition in London titled “Communications Today, Tomorrow and the Future” would not have had an inkling that something placed in front of them back then will rule the world one day. Smartphones have grown so much from their predecessors. We will talk about a device that did not make a hard thud like smartphones, but the future really needs their contribution. Because through smart speakers, we get to control every smart device we have got at home.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation – Features and Specifications:

No matter how many times we were asked to describe its design, we can’t conjure up anything other than a good ol’ cutlet. Denim fabric on the sides makes it easier to grip onto the speaker. The Soft & flexible plastic on top has a volume on/off, an action button, and a microphone off button. It weighs slightly more than 2 egg puffs.

It works in two languages: English and Hindi. Its function ranges from setting up an alarm to playing your favorite playlists. Just say, ‘Hey Alexa,’ and speak what you want it to do for you. A thin LED ring covers its soft plastic. The LED Ring is not for aesthetic purposes, but it a medium that initiates non-verbal communication. We screwed around a bit and have decoded the message it conveys through colors. It displays yellow if you received new messages. A mixture of royal blue and cyan blue implies that it is listening to your command. The lights turn red if its microphone gets turned off. If you see cyan blue spinning over a deep royal blue, the Echo Dot is booting itself up, and the lights turn orange once the setup ends. While receiving calls, the Echo Dot 3rd Gen displays a green colour. The Purple color indicates that the device has connectivity issues, and it also displays purple while the do not disturb feature is on. Finally, it has one more non-verbal communication for you. White indicates the volume level. Even with a blender on in the background, the Echo Dot’s 1.6-inch speaker was clearly audible. It also gives you the flexibility to connect to an external speaker through its 3.5 mm audio output jack. If you have more than one Echo device at home, you can communicate with them all using Alexa Communication. Inside the box, the device is accompanied by a 15W power adaptor. Amazon offers 1 year of warranty against all kinds of manufacturing defects. The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation price in India is just Rs.3,499.

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