Samsung Clear View Cover For Galaxy S21 series

Techies, Geeks, Nerds, Enthusiasts, Laymen are discussing about Samsung Galaxy S21. We are only in the first month of 2021. And we see a lot of tech reviewers and reviews that have already affirmed S21 is the best Android smartphone of the year 2021. People are becoming almost irresistible while they hear the name S21. What is tempting people to talk so much about Galaxy S21? Any athlete will agree that their strength is based on how strong their core muscles remain.

South Korean conglomerate has strengthened their smartphone industry Samsung Mobiles by offering top notch specifications that work in accord with Muhammad Ali’s saying Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Do you think this saying is completely irrelevant here? You are going to say No, it is relevant. Because of 5 nanometre Exynos 2100, S21 floats like a butterfly even while playing Call of Duty. And it stings like a bee while watching movies through its clean vocals.

Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S21? Can your heart survive if it doesn’t remain intact? No will be the obvious answer. Now apart from technology, what is something which the entire world is expecting to be launched soon? Vaccine for COVID-19 or COVID-20. Why are we expecting it? Because we need it to protect ourselves from the invisible lethal enemy called corona. Likewise primarily you will need a protective case to guard your phone from accidental drops.

Post to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S21, they have also launched protective cases. It looks like a regular flip case but the fact is it just looks, doesn’t mean it has to be a regular flip case. Then what else is it? After receiving it and we had to use it briefly with our S21 Ultra 5G. After using the case over a week, we have also identified out how it can make your smartphone user experience better.

Samsung Clear View Cover For Galaxy S21

It amazed us with its smooth textured finish. Clear view is infused with Zinc doesn’t let bacteria. This is why Samsung are advertising Galaxy Clear view cover having antimicrobial coating.  Most common thing that we find annoying about protective cases is: it makes our phone look bulky. Aesthetics of our phones get spoilt by using protective cases. All these days we have been compromising on aesthetics by repeating this phrase.

Looks have never been an issue because we only cared whether it can get the job done? If yeah, we will not have bothered much about aesthetics till now. But this is not going to happen with Clear View cover. The phone fitted perfectly into trouser pocket. Though the case is sleek, it is slightly thick on the camera portion. Since camera setup of S21 series phones are slightly bulged. Because of this bulge, Galaxy S21 series smartphones cannot stay flat on a surface.


By using clear view cover. S21 series smartphones will now remain flat on any surface. It also prevents camera glass from scratches. Next, we are going to mention a feature that will enhance your user experience. You can now see time, date, and percentage of battery and attend or reject calls without flipping the case. While listening to music. Clear view creates a separate column and displays what music you are currently listening. You can toggle between music column and notification without flipping the cover. It is a thin strip of plastic that lets you see, access all controls. You cannot feel the case even while using buttons. Because buttons worked just like how it used to work without clear view cover. Two colors available are Black, Light Grey. Samsung Galaxy S21 clear view cover price in India. Buy it online from Poorvika.

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