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Sony: Best True Wireless Earbuds with Noise-Cancellation

We are so used to living in this noisy world, that we don’t even know how a world without noise would feel like. In the current situation, hearing peaceful music or doing your regular physical exercise amid the never-ending honking sound is near to impossible. With the increasing noise in our day-to-day life, we are prone to many adverse health effects like High Blood Pressure, Heart diseases, Sleep disturbance, Stress, and many more. Now, all that being said, do we have a solution to overcome this adverse effect?

Well, technology never fails to amaze us with its astonishing features and innovative ideas in finding new solutions to every other problem which humanity faces. Sony with its truly wireless Noise-cancelling series is providing a solution for our rising Blood Pressure, Sleep disturbance and stress caused by noise. Let’s look into the different models of earbuds Sony has recently launched in this write-up.

Sony WF-SP700N Earbuds :

It’s just you and the music!

Sometimes, all that we ask for is just us and our favorite thing. The Sony WF-SP700N Earbuds assures digital noise cancellation that lets you concentrate on what needs to be concentrated! Also, the Ambient Sound mode lets you be aware of your environment while you still enjoy your favorite music.

It’s just you and your workout!

The IPX4 rated Sony Earbud don’t let sweat or water splash come in between you and your music. Sony Earbuds are movement-friendly that it comes in 4 different sizes to make sure that it fits you securely while you are on the move.

It’s just you and your free hands!

Why carry your wide display mobile in your hands when you can go completely hands-free? From selecting your favourite music to easy hands-free calling, you can just do everything you need with just a tap or two! By the way, won’t it be great if you could enjoy all of the above-mentioned features for a quiet long time than usual? Yes, Sony has understood your needs have developed its Earbuds that can stay charged for up to 9 hours, Visit the official site to purchase and to know the Sony earbuds price

Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds:

No noise, just steady music!

The Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds comes with an HD noise cancelling Processor QN1e that lets you do your work or listen to music in peace! It has a minute 6-mm driver unit and a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine that delivers a rich and unmatched High-resolution audio experience. The most innovative feature of this earbuds is that it has a simultaneous BT transmission to the left and right ears thus ensuring a steady and enjoyable audio experience. Its adaptive sound control feature automatically understands the environment you are in and adjusts the ambient sound settings that will suit your situation. So, worry not if you are waiting in the airport lounge, this model of Sony’s earbuds will let you focus on the announcements regarding your flight while you are still enjoying your favourite music track.

Sony made it comfortable for you!

Sony prioritizes its user’s comfort and hence it had made a revolutionary design to its earbuds. Sony’s ergonomic Tri-hold structure design comes in contact with 3 different points of your ear for a secure and comfortable fit. It also offers earbuds in 3 different sizes and its hybrid rubber silicon in 4 different sizes which ensures a perfect fit for your ear. We have a heavy-duty battery for you! It provides a 24 hours i.e., all day long battery for an uninterrupted music supply! And if you suppose forgot to charge your earbuds, don’t worry! With just 10 minutes of charging, you can get 90 minutes of uninterrupted music. Also, the magnetic charging case comes in handy which gives a very classy and professional look.

Ear buds that understand you!

Take out the ear buds and it understands that you would like to pause the music for a bit. Put the ear buds back, it understands that you would like to resume listening to the music. It understands that you love going hands-free while you are attending calls or listening to music and hence it has an in-built intuitive touch control so that you need not take out your mobile. Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds comes in both Black and Platinum silver colour.

Buy these noise-cancelling ear buds from Sony which enables a peaceful life despite the noise that surrounds you. This is not just a fancy, cool-looking accessory but also a necessity in this noise-filled world. Get away with the adverse health effects that noise creates and live in your world with your favourite music track. Visit the official site of Poorvika to purchase both these products online. Receive the product at your doorsteps through our 2 hour delivery service.



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