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OnePlus Nord is all set to launch its next-gen smartphone

OnePlus Nord is all set to launch its next-gen smartphone

OnePlus is one of the trusted mobile brands that has carved their names by continuously launching stunning smartphones. On the 27th of January 2021, OnePlus has taken its first step of bringing up its next-gen smartphone in the form of a treasure hunt. The hunt play is all about solving the cubical puzzle and finding your true Nord. Those lucky winners are gifted with a limited-edition OnePlus Nord.

To be one of the lucky person all you have to do is visit “whichwaynord.com.” Scan the QR Code with your mobile and either create an OnePlus account or log in to your OnePlus account using the mobile number or the mail id. As you land on the first page, enter your true north. True Nord is nothing but your north start according to your birth date and time. As soon as you enter your Nord, you will be automatically taken to the second page. Enter your Instagram id and also make sure to follow “oneplus.nord.”

As you find a black colored cube with mismatched blue lines, then it’s time to play. You need to solve the cube puzzle and reach the cube’s inner core that portrays your true north. All the six faces of the cube are locked with unique layers of puzzles. You will definitely need some help to solve it. Here is where the “oneplus.nord” Instagram account helps you with certain clues. Only by actively checking the account you catch up with the clues, as the hints may be let out in the form of stories, posts, or AR Camera filters. As you finish the puzzle on one side, then that particular face of the cube disappears. Each side puzzle is released at a specific timing, and suppose if you have finished the puzzle on one side much faster before the second puzzle start time, then a timmer ticks utile the second puzzle is released.

Only the fastest players who finish all of the six puzzles in the cube will be the lucky winner. Once the winners are confirmed, you will be contacted by OnePlus after the campaign. All the lucky winners will be awarded a limited-edition OnePlus Nord. This is the best opportunity to experience the latest limited-edition OnePlus Nord with all-new advanced features. the treasure hunt will be fascinating to play, and the given clues make the gameplay more enjoyable.


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