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Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger 15W: The Spec sheet

With wireless technology on the rise, Apple has its own charging technology to cater to its latest release, the iPhone12 Series of phones.
Originally a breakaway charging cable designed for Macs, the same got redesigned now under the same name for iPhones with a host of accessories included. This is now the case as the new iPhone 12 comes with a ring of magnets built around the charging coil on the device’s back. This allows for MagSafe based accessories and chargers to literally snap onto the back of the device.

The MagSafe’s snap-on magic is all thanks to the 18 rectangular magnets arranged in a circular fashion beneath the charging coil. The previous versions of iPhones had the charging coil but lacked the magnets that allow the magnetically fastened wireless charging system we see on the latest iPhone 12.

Looks-wise, Apple keeps it minimal here and in terms of design since you can see in all honesty that there is nothing much you can do with a plush aluminum charging platform padded with soft polyurethane shaped like an air hockey puck. The inside of the Magsafe charger is also lined with magnets surrounding a Qi Magnetic Coil. These align the MagSafe “puck” perfectly to the magnets on the back of the iPhone 12. This eliminates every chance of not charging the device in an uneventful situation where the device might misalign itself onto the charging coil every time the phone gets placed on it in a hurry.

In terms of charging speeds, the 15W MagSafe can juice the device up to 50 percent in roughly just about an hour, while a normal Qi charger does it in about an hour and a half. Here’s the catch. You cannot get the MagSafe to give you the full benefit of 15W charging unless you invest in a 20W power brick. Why? Because Apple doesn’t include the adapter as part of the package anymore.

All said and done, Apple’s MagSafe Charger is undoubtedly a step ahead in wireless charging technology and is perfect for the iPhone 12. The simple addition of magnets on the device and the charger has given room to a host of other accessory-based add-ons other than just charging purposes.

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