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Apple Watch Series 6 VS Series 5. Whats the Difference?


If anyone could prove that smartwatches are actually getting smarter, it would be Apple with their newest range of Smart Watches. Apple recently launched the Apple Watch Series that came with some of their more newer, well upgrades. But how much of it is different, and how much of a difference does it make? That’s what we will cover in this blog.

Most of the Apple Watch Series 6 features design templates and functions from its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 5. That would be the opinion that would come to mind at first glance. Rightly so because cosmetically, there is nothing that sets the Series 6 apart from the Series 5. It’s still the same rounded edges and squarish shapes with the little navigation crown cum button.

It comes in the same 40 and 44mm sizes. The display is the same as well. It sports an Always-On LTPO OLED Retina Display with 1000 nits of brightness. The Digital Crown that features haptic feedback is on this the Series 6 as well. The heart rate sensor is the same with the sensor sending out notifications every time your heart decides to go for a rollercoaster ride with rises or drops or has arrhythmic patterns. It provides ECG readings as well.

Then there is the Fall Detection Emergency SOS function. It makes sure the device calls emergency services in the unfortunate case of a bad fall that leaves you immobilized. The device is “SwimProof” and has 50m Water Resistance. 32GB of internal storage space and 18 hours of battery life are some of the other similarities amongst a host of other details shared by the Series 6 with the Series 5.

Coming to the differences. They are quite subtle. Both the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 share the same LTPO Retina Display with 1000 nits of brightness. However, the display on the new Series 6 is 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5, making visibility a lot better under powerful light sources even when the display automatically dims itself. This also reduces the need to keep tilting your wrist in order to brighten the display.

The processor is also a tad bit different with the Series 6 running the new S6 chip, based on the A13 Bionic. The Series 5 ran the S5 chip. The difference here is that the S6 chip is more optimized for the Apple Watch. The Chip is also designed to be more of a stand-alone system that can take up heavier tasks own. The previous versions of the Apple watch were more of an on-wrist display for the Apple iPhone. Basically, just showing all the information on the iPhone on the Apple Watch. The much more powerful S6 is built to do much more of the heavy lifting. This allows the Series 6 to handle tasks independently without having to rely as much on the iPhone.

The Series 6 and Series 5 still promise the user 18 hours of battery life. The difference is in the speed of charging. The Series 6, according to Apple charges 20% faster and is more efficient. The higher Brightness of the Series 6 Always On Display displaces the higher efficiency of the battery life. This is predominantly why the Series 6 still provides 18 hours of charge though its 20% more efficiently optimized. Charging speed is significantly quicker, with the Series 6 charging up to percent in just an hour and up to a full 100 percent charge in just an hour and a half. The Series 5 Apple watch, on the other hand charges up to 80 percent in an hour and a half and to 100 percent in a whole two and a half hours. That’s a whopping one hour difference.

The Blood Oxygen Sensor is something Apple plans to develop further. By analyzing the blood oxygen chemistry, the watch should be able to put out notifications before getting a panic attack. Along with that, the watch should be able to generate tips and breathing exercises to bring down stress levels.

Something Apple never mentioned at all but did add into the Series 6 Apple watch is the U1 Chip. Users of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro would remember that the U1 chip was present in the iPhone11 as well. But then again, during the launch of the iPhone11, Apple never mentioned anything about it either. It seems the U1 chip is here to stay in all of Apple’s newest and future products and has now found its way into the Apple Watch Series 6.

A short abbreviation for Ultrawide Band, the U1 chip allows for spatial awareness and is something Apple plans to develop in the future. This will assist in functions such as finding your Apple devices wherever you may keep them. More like a “find my phone” option for your AirPods, MacBookAir, or even your Apple TV Remote. Finding your nearest AirDrop contact could be as easy as pointing your Apple watch in the direction of the contact. These are just concepts that could be done and maybe worked on by Apple in the future. The list is endless.

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