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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: The perfect S21 Companion

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series’s launch event was a grand occasion that made all of us realize the S21 series was way beyond our expectations. The show also included the launch of a tiny music maestro – the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. This is the follow up to the last year’s galaxy buds live and buds plus. Other than all the Galaxy buds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the perfect companion for Samsung Galaxy S21. Let us look in-depth at the features and specifications of Galaxy Buds Pro.

The buds pro comes with a choice of three different colors Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black. The Phantom Violet best matches the hero color of the fresh new Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship phones. Otherwise, you’ve also got Phantom Silver and Phantom Black. The device comes with a design of a kidney bean style that perfectly fit inside the ears. How much ever you move your head, there won’t be any budging or shifting. The silicon tip provides a proper seal from the outdoor world, which is absolute bliss. The combination of the sleek, smooth finish and the 6.3-gram weight per bud makes it more comfortable to wear.

When it comes to sweat and water resistance, Galaxy Buds Pro is a step beyond most of the rival true wireless earbuds. The device is built with IPX7 that protects the music maestro from water even when you dive into a pool. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity was stable without any judders. When you need to connect to another device, you need to long-press the buds’ buttons. This will take them to the paring mode quickly and easily.

The device has a unique smart feature called auto-connect. This will help you to connect to different Samsung devices simultaneously. For instance, you are watching a movie on the tablet, and you suddenly get a call on your Samsung Galaxy S21. You can immediately auto-connect to the smartphone to take the call, and then it will automatically switch back to the tablet.

You won’t need to resort to picking out your smartphone every time to control the media. You can easily control it with the Galaxy Bus Pro because it has full touch controls. With a single tap, you can play or pause the music. A double-tap will jump you forward to the next track, and a triple tap will skip you back to the previous track.

The most intrigued feature of Galaxy Buds Pro was the active noise cancellation. You have got two ANC levels, high-level that will block up to 99% of all surrounding noise and a lower-level mode that is good for places like cafes and restaurants. By a long press on either of the buds, you can shift from the ANC mode to the ambient mode. Switching on to the ambient mode helps you to speak to someone without removing the buds. When it comes to the audio quality, it has a dual driver set up with an 11 mil woofer and a 6.5 mil tweeter.

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