Huami AmazFit GTS Smartwatch Series: Worth Buying?


The Huami Amazfit GTS series. Rightly named as it fits amazingly in most aspects from budget to features and more so on your wrist. This smartwatch from Huami swells with features that provide surprisingly accurate information. For a smartwatch that’s within the 10K price bracket, it is quite a surprise nonetheless.

On the outside, the Amazfit GTS has a 1.65″ AMOLED Display with a 348x442p screen resolution and a pixel density of 341ppi. The display, protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 and a vibrant color spectrum, makes images more vivid and lifelike. The squarish shape of the watch allows for a lot of information to be on display. A total of 10 lines of text to be more specific. The Gass cascades with rounded edges to blend into the body of the watch made of Aerospace grade aluminum alloy. This keeps the weight under check as well as provides a sturdy, robust build. A mere 24.8g, to be exact, including the strap. Talking about straps, the GTS also comes with an option of six customizable straps in attractive colors that compliment any outfit or occasion. Fashion blunders? None of those are ever happening again in this household.

It has a pair of modular watch faces with customizable widgets that display a lot of information from the vast array of 15 complications. The Always-On Display is pretty poorly executed though, with the screen being too dim to see any information under strong lights, let alone under normal circumstances. Besides this, the always-on display is only active in terms of the clock.

It doesn’t have an ECG or a Blood Oxygen Sensor but has a heart rate monitor that is pretty accurate, along with step tracking of the same accuracy. The tracking mode for 14 sports, including cycling, hiking, skiing, elliptical, swimming, etc. Swimming doesn’t become much of a hassle because of its 5ATM water resistance. It calculates SWOLF data that measures swimming efficiency where a lower score is better. It has an inbuilt GPS as well.

Being a brand renowned for fitness tracking, the Amazfit GTS upholds its legacy regarding health tracking. The GTS has detailed information that you can access in your PAI report, which shows you your activity over the week. The sleep tracking system is accurate to a ‘t’, with the device yielding a score after monitoring your motion and heart rate. The data is incredibly detailed, with a report on sleep patterns, if it’s deep or light, and wake-up periods. It even provides statistics on your sleep consistency patterns.
The GTS battery life is pretty good, boasting an impressive 14 days of battery, about three days with the Always-on display, and about 20 hours with GPS tracking.

The Huami Amazfit GTS 2, on the other hand, has nearly the same amount of specs but with few new additional features. The screen gets a diamond-like carbon coating protection that provides for better scratch resistance. The design and size of the GTS 2 are pretty much the same as well. The squarish design with cascading 3D curved glass that seamlessly blends into that body sporting three color variants. The GTS 2 takes its color inspiration from naturally occurring hues like Midnight, Desert, and Tropical.
The Custom Always On Display is another feature, along with a host of others carried over from the first GTS edition like the heart rate sensor, the 12 sport modes, sleep tracker, the stress tracker, and PAI scores. The GTS2, however, has the ability to measure blood oxygen levels, and this comes as an upgrade thanks to the new Bio Tracker PPG sensors.

Battery life on the GTS 2 has gotten cut in half, maxing out at 7 days with its larger 248mAh battery, compared to the GTS that maxed out at 14 days with its much smaller 220mAh battery. This is due to the power consumption by new sensors and upgrades incorporated into the new GTS2. The GTS2 also has a microphone and speaker fused into the device, unlike the GTS that didn’t have either of them. This allows call functions such as answering a call and, more importantly, interacting with the standalone office assistant feature in the watch that doesn’t need the internet to function.
Another added feature in the GTS2 is the storage space for all your music that was previously not available for the GTS.

The Huami Amazfit GTS2e Smartwatch comes with a 2.5D glass on the 1.65″ AMOLED display that makes colors pop and shares nearly the same specs. It has a Heart rate monitor and blood oxygen level monitor carried over from the GTS2. It has a broad range of customizable watch faces meant for personalization, and the watch itself comes with three new colored straps, namely Lilac purple, Moss Green, and Obsidian Black. It has a whopping 90 different sport modes with smart recognition. This extensive range of sport modes covers almost every segment that a sports enthusiast could require. If you were wondering about taking a swim, Yes, the water-resistance feature of up to 50m carries over from its bigger brother, the GTS2.
The GTS battery life is much better than the GTS2 as its battery is optimized for much efficient performance, bringing it back to the former glory of the first GTS. The new optimized battery gives the GTS2e 14 days with typical use but a whopping 24 days with battery saver.

The haptic vibration system has improved, allowing the Haptic Linear motor to customize the duration of vibrations. The screen can also rotate a full 180 degrees allowing the wearer to use the watch on both the left and right hand. Protection of privacy is comfortable with a password setting available on the phone in the unfortunate incident that someone tries to access your watch while it’s not on your wrist.

Is it worth buying? Yes, of course. The series is crammed with goodies that usually would not be available at the price point you can get it for. The Huami Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTS2, and Amazfit GTS2e are available right here at Poorvika. Hop over online or to a Poorvika store near you and get yours today, along with a load of exciting offers and discounts that, tailored to be an “Amaze Fit” for your pockets and needs. Get it even faster with Poorvikas 2 hour delivery promise as you opt for our 2 Hour Fast Delivery option when you order your product online


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