Mi Smart Band 5 vs OnePlus Band – Which one to buy at Rs 2500?


Xiaomi and OnePlus have been prominent leaders in the Tech Industry for the past decade. They efficiently contribute to the latest technologies and advancements we get every few months. Xiaomi plays a vital role in our lives by keeping us occupied with its new and advanced gadgets from dawn to dusk! They’ve launched everything we needed so far and made sure we experienced every new tech at an affordable price. The highly reputed brand finally took its first step majestically into Smart Technology a few years ago and ruled the Kingdom to date with their constant upgrades!

Of all the Smart Devices released by Xiaomi, the Nano-form Smart Bands are best-selling and affordable. As everyone joins the fitness bandwagon, we see the people everywhere with wrists all heavy with colorful bands that fit their outfits. Considering the heavy competition Mi has amongst more prominent brands in the market, OnePlus joined the saga as well with their new Smart Band series the previous year, ensuring their predominance in this technology.

OnePlus launched the OnePlus Band integrated with the latest tech to compete against the upgraded and latest Mi Smart Band 5 by Xiaomi. Let’s add some spice to the game, shall we? Oh! Did I mention they both come at the same price?! YESSSS!!! They’re both priced competitively at Rs.2,499, and that’s not all! They haven’t compromised on Smart Band’s basics, essential features, specifications, design, and other perks! Let’s skim, compare and find all the contrasts between the features offered by both bands. Grab your favorite popcorn; we’re entering the arena.


When it comes to design and display, the jabs are similar! They both feature a capsule with a 1.1-inch AMOLED Display with 126x294pixels resolution and touch input. The spotlight is on the amateur brand, OnePlus, with its innovative boxy display. Mi, on the other hand, has a curvier one with a touch button below the display. A striking difference lies in the strap as well. The OnePlus catches every fashionista’s eye with its dual-toned thicker strap, which widens your options of pairing it with your favorite outfits. Mi just follows an old-school design with its single-colored thin strap for this as well. Though both the competitors have incorporated the raise-to-wake option, Mi tops with the wake-up touch button at the bottom of the display, while OnePlus balances the jab with its tap-anywhere-on-the-screen-to-wake-up option.


The powerful brands seem to have standard sensors for easy accessibility, such as a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, and Optical Heart Rate sensors. OnePlus gets the upper hand here, as it has the SpO2 sensor to monitor the Blood Oxygen level, which is the need of the hour amidst the COVID times. With Sports Modes, OnePlus is indeed a player, as it provides 13 different sports modes, including the 11 Sports modes that Mi Smart Band 5 offers. The supplementary includes Cricket, Badminton, and the perk extends to having a Fat Burn Run mode!! Mi Smart Band 5 kicks its competitors to the curb with advanced Menstrual Cycle Monitor, Stress Monitor, and PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence – an overall Performance analysis based on your fitness activities that give recommendations)!

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) -Mi Smart Band 5


The Brands give out standard functionalities such as Messages, Call Alerts, App Alerts, Weather forecasts, Stopwatch, Alarm, Camera Shutter Controls, Find my Phone, Charging Status, Music Controls, and OTA Upgrades. Some notable features include Unlimited Band faces, Unlocking Phone, and Mute Phone with the Mi Smart Band 5. OnePlus strategically offer Limited Band faces and a Zen Mode synchronization (selected OnePlus models). OnePlus Health and Mi Fit apps take care of your introspections, of course, with a UI variation. The Mi Fit has a content-rich UI, whereas OnePlus Health handles it cool and clutter-less. Speaking about the two significant smartphone device users, OnePlus limits itself to Android, whereas the leader, Mi, attracts both Android and iOS audiences.

Music Control – OnePlus Band


A decent battery life powers both the Bands to keep you engaged throughout! Focusing on Battery capacity, the Mi Smart Band gets the applaud with its slightly bigger 125mAh Battery and a stretched 21-day battery life in Power-saving mode. OnePlus has a decent 100mAh Battery. Both the Brands give 14 days of Normal mode usage! Comfort is the word for charging the Mi Smart Band with its Magnetic charger without removing the strap’s capsule. Simultaneously, OnePlus takes a step back and uses the cradle-like charger that involves removing it from the strap.

Conclusively, summing up the pros and cons of every function the brands offer on a paper, Mi Smart Band 5 does a pretty good job, as they’ve mastered the world of technology. But if you’re an ardent fan of upgrades, OnePlus is the brand to go for. Preference is the word I’d say. The Mi Smart Band 5 and OnePlus Band share the price of Rs.2,499. Get yourself upgraded today with your favorite Smart Band. Visit Poorvika Online, click the ‘Buy Now’ button with exciting deals and offers, and get it delivered to your doorstep with the 2 Hours Delivery service

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