Best Features of Samsung 55 inch 4k ultra HD LED SMART TV

Every one of us loves to have a relaxing time in front of the TV. At the same time, watching your favourite movie in a theatre is an absolute enjoyment, but we can’t reach a theatre every day. Then the only way is to build a theatre inside your living room. Is it possible? Though you cant build a theatre inside your home with a huge number of seats and other factors, you can get the exact feel of being inside a theatre with the Samsung 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV.  

Samsung 55 inch Ultra HD Led Smart TV

The Samsung LED Smart TV comes with a full array of LED backlights having Ultra 4k High Definition display. The TV has more LEDs across the whole screen when compared with the previous gen. It has an extended dynamic range that has complete control over each LEDs. Samsung smart TV offers more defined dark picture areas and more vibrant bright areas. This will allow you to experience the best dynamic pictures. 

The device ensures super supreme quality with the help of the Quad-core. The High-performance Quad-core chipset provides fast and effortless access to all your favourite games, tv shows, movies. To keep the action smooth and to give clear moving images, the smart TV uses the best motion technology. It also helps to control and minimize the blur even during high-speed scene pictures.

You have a wide collection of interesting content as the smart Tv supports Netflix and other streaming apps. Also, it comes with Dolby Digital Plus that offers impressive colour contrast and sound quality. You can experience a perfect sound quality with minimum distortion. You also won’t face any disturbance or distraction while watching your favourite movie as the design of the device comes with a new edge skinny bezel.

You can now Pop some popcorn and enjoy your favourite content with the Samsung 55 inch 4k that makes you feel the sound and picture quality matching up to a theatre screen. Samsung 55 inch TV price in India is Rs.63,890. Buy a Samsung 4k UHD TV from Poorvika online with some exciting offers. Also, make use of the 2 hours delivery service to attain your products much faster.


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