Best Features of the Samsung 108cm 4K ultra HD LED Smart TV

TV is the only thing that helps us to get rid of those boring rainy Sundays. Imagine if your TV can deliver a fantastic picture and sound quality that makes you feel the theatre’s ambience. That would be awesome, but will it be possible in reality. Of course, the Samsung 43″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV is built with the best features to enjoy your desired content on the big screen. Let us look at the best features of the Samsung 4K Smart TV that offers superior picture and sound quality.

The display of the Samsung Smart TV offers a crystal display that ensures crisp and vivid colour expressions. It also delivers a broader range of colours that helps you to see every nuance. Samsung is able to provide such a powerful picture quality with the help of the crystal 4K processor. This is made possible with a single chip that set up the accurate colour, developing contrast ratio, and HDR.

The display of Smart TV is developed with a Dual LED backlighting technology. This technology adjusts the color tone of the content you watch, and that way, you can watch it the way it is meant to be seen. The Dual LED backlighting is generally used to produce the right color tone for every scene.

The display is built with a 4K resolution having 3840 x 2160 pixels. The screen supports Ultra High Definition contents that are much advanced than the Full High Definition display. The UHD offers 4x more pixels than the FHD. Through this, you can experience sharp and crisp images. The device comes with a High-Dynamic Range that levels up the bright expression of your TV.

The Samsung Smart TV can also act as a decor piece with the Ambient mode. If you wish to put on your favourite photos onto the screen, you can lay out multiple photos in a beautiful collage or place them in a slide show.

The Samsung 43″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV price in India is Rs.47,990. Buy Samsung Smart TV from Poorvika online at the best price with the 2-hour fast delivery option.



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