Best Truewireless earbuds- Apple Airpods Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

We all know true wireless earbuds were invented to maneuver easily. This world has also seen many lasting rivalries. In tech world, most popular rivalry is Apple vs. Samsung. To sound more fanciful the rivalry between World’s first trillion-dollar company versus South Korean conglomerate. Things began to heat up when Apple sued Samsung for copying their design, interface, screen icons. Verdict favored Apple. And Samsung had to pay a massive 539 million dollar. It did not end there. Samsung retaliated by sending 30 trucks that contained 5 cent coins. This is how Apple vs. Samsung rivalry began. We are here to begin another comparison not rivalry.  We are pitted Apple Airpods versus Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Scroll down to know the results.


Airpods pro was launched on October 30, 2019. After 2 years of its launch despite its pleasing aesthetics it shows age. While Buds pro is sleek and sized compactly. Its glossy finish can lure any fish in the lake. In terms of design our pick is Buds pro.


Airpod Pro is made out of a single piece, die-casted plastic. It is covered by a silicone tip is smooth for a shorter duration. But over long usage, your ear has to pay the price for the length and rigidity of its plastic. Whereas Buds pro has a mushy silicon cushion, did not bother any of our team member’s ears even after continuous usage. Bud’s pro wins this round by a mile.

Sound Quality

Buds pro offered an exceptional clarity yet lacked bass, especially at lower volumes. Sound level was more than enough. While using Airpods pro, you cannot use it at maximum volume. The volume level is not blatant but it is surely deafening. With an adaptive equalizer, Apple leads this round.


Airpods pro lasted slightly more than after watching recent blockbuster movie Soorarai Pottru. But Buds pro was able to survive a engaging day. Samsung snatches Apple’s lead in this round.


With IPX7 water resistance buds pro maintains the lead.  


Both the products offer 1 year warranty against any kind of manufacturing defect.


Considering durability and other parameters, Buds pro is the winner of this comparison.

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Apple Airpods Pro price in India is Rs. 20,990. You can buy it online in India from Poorvika.

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