Bluetooth Multipoint Explained- What is it and why isn’t more popular?

Bluetooth is a kind of technology that uses radio waves to send and receive data. Devices which support Bluetooth have an adaptor to send and receive data. Adaptor of both devices must be within the range to share and receive data. After Bluetooth was introduced, our way of sharing files, images, music became easier and convenient. Just like every other invention, initially it had many issues. From then Bluetooth has evolved so much. Now most of the true wireless earbuds use this technology to play music.


Now let us see what is Bluetooth multipoint? and how it can make our lives even more convenient. A definite answer cannot comprehend about pros of Bluetooth multipoint. It lets a user to connect more than one device at a time. Let us mention about few probabilities where it can help us to a great extent. After pairing two devices, multitasking is going to be blissful. Let us assume you have connected a headphone and playing Fortnite game in your laptop meanwhile you are receiving a call. If your headphone supports Bluetooth multipoint, you need not pause the game to attend the call.

Headphone will automatically attend the call. However this alone is not the functionality of Multipoint. Before we comprehend more on their functionality let us briefly explain types of multipoint. Two types of multipoint are Simple and Advanced. Both of them follow a similar working principle but advanced multipoint can switch to another call without dropping a call.

By default advanced multipoint prioritizes calls over media. So whenever you are receiving a call it pauses music or video to attend call. Currently, most of the headphones and earbuds are equipped with advanced multipoint. If your headphone or earbud is equipped with Bluetooth Multipoint, you need not own more than one headphone.

Since it can handle multitasking effortlessly you can remain calm and unbothered. But only if your device is equipped with HFP (Hands-free Protocol) you can make and receive calls. To play music, your device must support another type of Bluetooth called A2DP. Some kind of multipoint headphones & earbuds cannot support two simultaneous connections over phone. By now we can safely affirm that functionality of Bluetooth multipoint is surely impressive.

This technology is not a peanut to crack by using your thumb and forefinger. It is macadamia nut as it requires 300 pounds of pressure per square inch needs to be applied on its shell to crack it. Calm down and stop wondering, it was just an analogy to convey how hard it is: to perfectly implement Bluetooth Multipoint technology. Though most of the headphones and earbuds are equipped with it, manufacturers have manipulated this technology and it ends up limiting its potentiality.

If you are using Samsung earbuds, you will have to manually select to switch between devices. The only advantage of using this feature is: you need not disconnect a device before switching to another device. Apple leads this race because you need not manually switch between devices. It automatically detects the device from which you wish to play music. Apart from Samsung and Apple there are many over-ear headphones and earbuds that supports multipoint technology.

Bluetooth Multipoint Headphones

JBL Live 200 (Neck Band) Bluetooth Headset

After connecting two devices, it comfortably lasted for 10 hours. Its U-shaped rubber band is really comfortable and will be ideal for your workout session. Overall audio quality is pretty good and the vocals were sharp. JBL Live 200 price in India is Rs.2,899.

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JBL Tune 700 Bluetooth Boom Headset

Its round-shaped ear cushion covered by faux leather will not hurt your ear. JBL has an optimized sound profile to suit all kinds of music. Its multipoint lets you connect two devices at a time. And you can call or play music since it supports both HFP, A2DP. It is available in Black, White, Blue, Coral colors. JBL Tune 700 price in India is Rs.3,999.

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