Oppo Enco X Noise canceling Earbuds review-Inspire the audiophile in you

These days most common claim we see in social media about technology is: technology makes us lazier. We will say it is a false claim made by people who have about no clue about the entire picture. But the fact is: technology is making our lives easier. How will you react if your earphone gets tangled while listening to music? We know earphone will not get tangled on its own. It will get tangled if you try to change position of your neck or body.

Now let us get back to the question, what will be your reaction? Will you happily accept or will you swear at that particular moment. This is an explicit comment in a tech blog right? Though it is not ethical to swear, at times it is instinctive. There is no way to avoid but you can at least try not to cuss. We are not sure whether you are going to stop swearing or not. But trying is not going to harm because best thing you can do to yourself is: mastering your self. Since this is a technology oriented blog, we are not going to drag life lessons anymore.

You will get to know how this amazing true wireless earbuds from subsidiary of BBK electronics Oppo will inspire the audiophile in you. An audiophile is a person who is obsessed to know about the science involved to record a qualitative music. But the present scenario is: everyone wants their product to be qualitative and manufacturers are striving hard to vacuum imperfections. Despite their effort, products will be improving constantly.  Because just like we humans are subjective to change. Products that are invented by us are also obviously subject to change.

Oppo Enco X

Oppo has collaborated with a Danish audio maker named Dynaudio to manufacture this wireless earbud. They are advertising this earbud as a flagship killer. There must be a reason for a manufacturer to advertise their products in this manner. The only reason that will be accepted by the consumers is: If a product which is half the price of a flagship or lesser than it matches the quality of a flagship product. It can be considered as a flagship killer.

Any other reason apart from this, will not be accepted by the consumers. Even if a manufacturer finds a way to justify their product, they will be trolled hard. Unlike many flagship earbuds, the design of this wireless bud is not inspired by a ladybug. An elongated stem is attached to the earbud. Is Enco X an actual flagship killer or Oppo is romanticizing their products. In this kind of scenario, specification sheet will usually favor manufacturer’s claim.

We will tell you what exactly happened during our product testing session. It has 3 microphones and two of them dedicate themselves to active noise cancellation. Touch and hold the earbud for a while to enable max active noise cancellation. After max active noise cancellation was turned on, you are not going to hear even the noise of a 750-watt blender. In addition to its 11m dynamic driver, Bluetooth 5.2 has a higher bit rate.

Combination of both these factors aids Enco X to deliver pronounced and balanced audio output. It is so good that even if you are a flagship user, we will place our bid and affirm: you will not have any complaints.  If active noise cancellation is enabled, battery must last for 9 hours. You can know which ear tip fits best for you through an Android application HeyMelody. Of the three, third microphone lets the receiver hear clearly what you speak over calls.

To access Google Assistant, you will have to tap thrice on the earbud. Gestures like double and triple tap can be used to play, pause, skip between music. Gesture controls worked like a how blade of a hot knife will glide through butter. Since we were able to feel every moment of product testing, we affirmed this will inspire the audiophile in you. It is available in Black and White colors. Oppo Enco X price in India.

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