Signature features of Apple iPhone


In English ‘I’ is a singular subjective personal pronoun. Ever wondered why Apple products are always prefixed with i? This however cannot be considered as one of the signature features of iPhone but it affirms the attention Apple pays, even to name their products. Before comprehending signature features of iPhone let us mention elements that make iPhones unique.

Bionic Processor

In general, after launch of latest Apple iPhone, its processor ruthlessly massacres non iOS processors. It also doesn’t mean non iOS processors are ponderous. Because Bionic processors used in iPhones are nimble and large. There must be something to make Bionic processors lighting fast. It all begins with the software. iOS is software built on a single layer making it lighter.

Let us assume there are two motorbikes with a cubic capacity of 250 which delivers 30 brake horsepower and 19-newton meters of torque. Persons weighing 100 pounds and 150 pounds ride motorbikes, which motorbike will have the edge? Obviously, the rider weighing 100 pounds because without stressing much, the engine can effortlessly deliver its complete potentiality likewise Bionic processors do not have to carry many layers making their job comparatively easier.

The analogy of motorbikes with similar cubic capacity is also not a right example to articulate why Bionic processors are faster. So the right analogy will be a motorbike with a cubic capacity of 300 and another with 250. Bionic processors are built of six cores that can work simultaneously. Even size of cores used in Bionic processor are bigger than the size of cores in Snapdragon and Exynos processors.

And unlike other chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm and Exynos Apple customizes the architectural design of ARM (Advance reduced instruction set computer Machines). All these can be done only through intense research and innumerable trials.

Apple does this to find out which is the best to improve performance of processors. And the investment, production cost involved to design a Bionic processor is lofty and chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm, Exynos, Mediatek supply their processors to other mobile companies, so to recover from the initial investment and to survive in the market and they have to be lucrative.

Signature Features

Privacy. That’s iPhone we will have seen this phrase in iPhone commercial. iPhones do not permit to store, music downloaded from third-party websites and install applications downloaded from third-party app stores.

We cannot insert SD card to upgrade storage capacity. By restricting everything that is available in abundance Apple places its scepter over malware and chucks off bloatware. These two can be appropriately affirmed as the signature feature of iPhones.

It is definitely not as easy as, preparing bread toast, and plain milk. If it had been an easy task, every manufacturer will have done what Apple has managed to do. To sum up, it is forbidden to eat but not forbidden to lust.

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