Best Smartphone to buy in 2021

Smartphone is very quickly becoming a focal point in our lives. A wireless mode of connectivity and communication between people. From being simple devices that make calls, they have now evolved into a device with the abilities of a portable gaming console, mini movie theatre, music player, and much more put together.

A large number of them are powerful enough to even help out with some of your professional work. With such a vast range of phones out in the market, figuring out your needs before buying a new smartphone is vital. So is it the right time for you to buy a smartphone or not?

This blog will tell you all you need to know. Here we go!



“My phone is fine”. True, for the moment. Every mobile has a brilliant CPU, camera, battery, and various other features, but as time goes on they become more and more obsolete. Therefore using an upgraded smartphone makes all the difference. A newer smartphone with the latest tech will be more suited to your needs in terms of efficiency and power.

Overall, a Flagship device with an optimized OS and UI and updated hardware can do wonders in giving you a seamless user experience.


Old smartphones, more often than not, suffer from crashes when running high graphically intense games. From problems related to refresh rates to lags due to processor overload, getting anything close to a smooth user experience becomes pretty difficult.

Even the battery starts to run out quickly. The regular software updates make it difficult for the older hardware to keep, drastically reducing your mobile speed. The reasons for these problems are system ad hardware insufficiency.

As time goes on, the smartphone’s outdated hardware ends up becoming so obsolete that even a slightly heavy task leads to crashes.

If you have been facing any of these issues, then now would probably be the right time to give your old phone a rest and invest in a brand new one right here at Poorvika. Why? Read on.


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