Best Features Of The Samsung QLED 8K TV


All the colors you see on television, smartphone, laptop, personal computer, gaming consoles, newspaper, textbook, magazines are the most common mediums where you can witness different colors, ranging from a normal visual to a high-resolution view with millions of color recognized to give details. But the colors you see on all of those mediums are simply based on three basic colors; Red, Green, and Blue. You might have read a specification sheet of a smartphone that boasts of supporting up to 16 million colors. That is a massive number. But that massive number is based on million different combinations of these three colors. This might sound unbelievable because we are pretty sure you’re thinking about: how is this even possible? It is possible because numbers are manipulative. Since the nature of numbers is to be easily manipulated. LED is a technology where a display consists of several pixels each having the ability to illuminate independently. LED television snatched the market from good old LCD because LED televisions produce sharper and vibrant colors.

Though several manufacturers use a similar kind of display technology on their LED displays. Their Visuals and picture quality do not remain static. Because the technology used is the only thing that’s similar here, not the way an image gets processed. Each manufacturer processes picture differently in their own way, they got their tools and tricks up the sleeve. This is the reason why we get to see a stark difference in quality, even when the spec sheet says, LED. The most common difference you might have noticed is: some displays have highly contrasting colors, and some produce sharper images while slightly compromising on color reproduction. People buy a product based on how they prioritize over the differences in products. Scroll down further to learn more about the best features of Samsung’s new QLED 8K TV. The full form of QLED is Quantum- dot- Lighting- Emitting Diode. OLED displays would not be able to achieve the blinding brightness level of LCD displays. This was a major flaw of OLED panels. However, this flaw was not convincing enough for manufacturers to ditch the brilliant prototype of OLED panels. Whenever LCD and LED displays go one on one, LCD displays get knocked out cold.

Samsung QLED 8K Television

The most common English proverb we all might have come across during our schooldays is: Actions speak louder than words. This is the most appropriate proverb to describe the revolutionary new ‘Samsung’ television. Currently, the South Korean conglomerate is the largest TV manufacturer in the world. They are also the first manufacturer in the world to introduce the concept of 8K, especially in a TV. Was is it a guffaw? Or a wicked smile? Because we are also aware of the fact that: No DTH provider is offering 8K at the moment.

Now, let’s voice out the question you’ve got in your mind, shall we? How do we know the difference between an 8K resolution and a normal one when no one has offered anything in 8K before? How would we recognize an 8K’s Visual experience?

Using the in-built AI Quantum 8K processor, the TV produces 33 million pixels per frame. It can upscale your regular 4K content to 8K that has a stunning resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 in just a matter of seconds. Its adaptive sound+ technology classifies and studies a scene before we get to hear the final audio output. Its Active Voice Amplifier feature is quite similar to the active noise cancellation technology available in most gadgets. Since both of these technologies do a really good job in excluding the noise around us.

The 8K TV uses a backlit behind the LED’s panel. The most common complaint about a QLED television we might be hearing often is: their inability to produce true black like the standard OLED panels. This time they have used a new technology called the Direct Full Array 32x. It constantly switches off the device’s backlitght to separate blacks. We streamed videos from a Youtube channel called the Hubble Space Telescope on both the OLED & the QLED, and more often the backlit was turned off so most of our team members affirmed that they were able to see true black. This is a really cool feature because it’s hard to find true black in a television. With that, navigating through various maps in games were clear as its Dynamic Black Equalizer brightened the even the darkest areas. While playing Apex Legends, we got low input- lags that made sure there were no drops in frames. In addition to the combination of all these exotic features that resulted in a pronounced cinematic experience, you can talk to your TV to turn on your favorite shows because it has built-in Voice Assistants like Alexa and Bixby.

We really hope these features along with the stunning new technology made you realize how the new 8K TV might transform your life for the best and is the right choice for you! To find out more about the TV and the Samsung QLED smart Tv price in India, visit the Poorvika website and stay updated to be the first one to buy the TV. Once you get a hold of your TV, go for our 2-hour delivery service to have it delivered to your doorstep.



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