Xiaomi’s new wireless charging- Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi introduced a concept on January 29, 2021, which shook the entire tech world. Xiaomi introduced a concept which we will not have even imagined. Hours after Xiaomi’s announcement, Lenovo’s General Manager posted a video on a Chinese social media named Weibo. After watching that video, we understood Xiaomi is not the only company that is working on Air charging technology. But Motorola did not reveal much about their technology. Whereas Xiaomi’s presentation explained how the Air charging station works to charge smartphones was detailed and comprehensive. Today we are going to explain how Air charging is going to change the future.

Air charging transmits a millimeter wide wave signal by using its 144 antennas. Through the wide signal, smartphones can charge themselves. By now you must be wondering, whether the current smartphone you are owning supports Air charging. Don’t expect an affirmative answer unless your phone is equipped with a Beacon antenna.

How Air Charging Station works?

Even if your phone is equipped with Beacon antenna, you still don’t have to get overexcited. Because Beacon antenna can only communicate with the Air charging station. Your phone must have another 14 antennae to convert millimeter wide waves to charge your smartphone. Most probably, smartphone which you own will not support Air charging.

So from now on charging a smartphone is also not going to be a task. By staying inside the range of Air charging base, your smartphone can automatically charge. In reality, Air charging is not going to be exciting and impressive because it only supports 5W charging. And radiation emitted by Air charging technology is Non-ionizing.

Non-ionizing radiation does not have sufficient energy to remove an electron from an atom. So it cannot penetrate into our skin and damage cells. Currently, most smartphones are badly in need of at least a 45W adaptor to charge quickly. But just like every other technology, this technology is surely going to improve.

A company like Xiaomi will not take much time to bring advancement. From muscle to money, they have got everything to invest and improve technology. Before 4 years most of the manufacturers faced a tough time optimizing battery. But Xiaomi faced no such issues, because of its user interface. Xiaomi chargers usually charge Smartphones at blazing speeds so soon we can expect superfast Air charging.

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