Which Laptop is Better for Gaming: i5 with 4GB or 8GB RAM?

Which-laptop-is-better-for-gaming- i5-with-4GB-or-8GB-RAM

A direct answer for the question will be vague and it is not going to make any sense. So a comprehension is mandatory. To get a better understanding and know answer for the question, you need to scroll further. Before we get started, you need to first understand the role and impact of RAM in a computer. Let u now see how good a laptop with i5 processor with 8GB performs in terms of gaming.


Computer cannot understand human language, in order to get the work done through a computer. You need to communicate in a language, it can understand. Computers can understand a language called machine language. Machine language consists only 0s and 1s. So in order to get a work done, you need to communicate through machine learning.

While communicating via machine learning, it consumes certain space. To do any kind of task on your computer, you need a dedicated component.  Name of the dedicated component which stores space is RAM (Random Access Memory). In computing, RAM is often referred as Volatile memory. Because after closing an application, memory stored in RAM will be deleted.

Without RAM, computer cannot do any kind of task. Number of applications handled by computer simultaneously is entirely based on the storage of RAM. If you are watching videos and designing poster on Adobe Photoshop at the same time, your laptop must at least have 4GB RAM. If your laptop or computer has 8GB of RAM, it can handle many applications and tasks simultaneously.

Role of RAM

One more thing, you need to understand is: higher capacity RAM will not make laptop work faster. Let us assume, you cannot drink more than a liter of water but you are buying 5 liters of water per day. Now the question is: what are you going to do with remaining 4 liters? Since you cannot drink, you can save the remaining water and use it next day.

Similarly if a user needs a laptop only to use MS Office, 4GB RAM laptop is more than enough. 8GB is not actually going to make any kind of difference in real world. But this is not the case if user wants to play games. To play game without any lags, laptop must have a robust processor and memory of the RAM should be big.

RAM cannot work in isolation, it can only support. Performance of a computer or laptop is entirely based on processor. RAM stores memory and processor loads application.

Gaming experience on a laptop with 4GB RAM is not going to be bad. But the gaming performance of a laptop with i5 processor and 8GB RAM is better. It can handle many applications simultaneously without sweating.

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