The Best Smart Display Speakers to buy


The year 2020 taught us how boring it is to be lonely without our family and friends. We slowly started losing the bond and connection between our friends due to loss of communication. And also, we all came to know how vital entertainment is for each of us. But technology made everything easy for us even in such a pandemic situation.

The all-new latest Smart Display is one of the most brilliant devices that turns everything around us smart. Whether you need entertainment or connect with your loved ones, the smart display is the perfect one for both. This blog will help you find the best smart displays that offer excellent video chat, touch controls, a screen for streaming, and much more.


The Lenovo Smart Displays 7 features an outstanding voice assistant that helps you play any of your favorite videos, current news, and sports with just a simple command. The Lenovo 7 smart display also lets you control all the smart home devices with the voice command.

Lenovo Smart Display 7
Lenovo Smart Display 7

It delivers a brilliant touch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution. This is one of the actual intelligent smart displays that lets you ask any of your questions as it comes with the incomparable Google Assistant. The device supports connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0. It has built-in stereo speakers that produce extraordinary sound quality.

You can now connect the smart display to your home Wi-Fi network with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. Get to control over 40,000 different compatible smart products with the Lenovo smart display. It is portable that you can carry them where ever you want. You can even place them on your kitchen table and enjoy your favorite cookery show by simultaneously cooking your dishes.

The Smart display is available in grey color. The Lenovo Smart Displays 7 price in India is Rs.7,999 on Poorvika online. Whereas the actual price is Rs.14,999, you almost get 46% off on the product when you purchase from Poorvika.


The Amazon Echo Show 8 comes with an 8-inch HD screen that offers an incredible viewing experience. You can watch all your favorite movies and shows with a fantastic display and stereo sound. You don’t even have to access the device with your hands; instead, just use voice commands.

The Best Smart Display Speakers to buy
Amazon Echo Show 8

To proceed with the voice command, all you need is to call Alexa before commanding. For example, if you need your Amazon Echo Show 8 to play the latest sports news, just say “Alexa, play latest sports news.” Now the device displays all the latest sports news. You can also give a command to Alexa in Hindi / Hinglish.

You can also make a hands-free video call to your closest friends via Echo Show 8. The Amazon Echo Show 8 price in India is Rs.8,999 on Poorvika online. Whereas the actual price is Rs.12,999, you almost get 30% off on the product when you purchase from Poorvika. To know more about the detailed specifications of Amazon Echo Show 8, read our Blog here – What is Amazon Echo Show 8 and why should you buy it?


The Amazon Echo Spot comes with a dimension of 104 x 97 x 91 mm that weighs 419 grams. The device has a 2.5″ 480×480 Circular Touch Screen. It also has four microphones with a stunning Front-Facing Camera. The Echo Spot has a 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output Built-in Speaker. It has few buttons to control volume and a Microphone/camera.

The Best Smart Display Speakers to buy
Amazon Echo Spot

You can also access the device through voice commands. The Echo Spot fits anywhere in your home. You can get the device in a shiny and sleek black shade. The Amazon Echo Spot’s price in India is Rs.6,499 on Poorvika Online. Whereas the actual cost is Rs.12,999, you almost get 50% off on the product when you purchase it from Poorvika.

Buy your favorite Smart Display from Poorvika online at the best price with exciting offers. Also, make the best use of the 2 hours delivery service to get your products delivered much faster.



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