Will iPhone 12 series be the best Apple Phone?

iPhone 12 series

Undoubtedly, Apple phones are the best when it comes to features and upgraded functionalities.

Earlier, choosing “which iPhone to buy” was an easy option. Today, as Apple provides us with lots of options, it is quite challenging to understand which iPhone will meet your needs.
Worry not, as we are here to sort things out!
The iPhone 12 series, the latest release, is going places as Apple has ingrained this device with advanced features and functionalities!
Let’s keep it breezy and understand why the iPhone 12 series will be the best Apple phone to date!

Scroll down to understand the features, specifications, and functionalities of Apple’s iPhone 12 Series much better!

iPhone 12 series:

There are 4 different models in the iPhone 12 series, namely:
the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Most of these four phones’ features are similar except for few differences like the phone size, the battery capacity, camera hardware, and screen resolution.

Though the four phones come with few similarities and differences, this new iPhone 12 series is the best in iPhone’s history due to its power-packed processor, stunning display, and out-of-the-world camera specifications.
Let us first look at the similarities in all four phones in the iPhone 12 series.

Features and Functionalities of the iPhone 12 series:

Design & Display:

In the history of iPhones, the iPhone 12 series has got the best display!
The iPhone 12 series comes with a Super Retina XDR display that delivers stunning color and contrast accuracy. The OLED technology is the reason behind the brighter brights and the darker darks.

The display offers HDR support that can go up to 1200nits brightness, Wide Gamut for vivid and true-to-life colors, Haptic Touch for feedback, and True Tone to match the display’s color temperature to the surrounding environment for a more natural viewing experience.

The display has a ceramic shield, a tougher glass that protects your phone from any unforeseen damages. Apple has stated that they have infused the Nano-ceramic crystals that offer a 4x better drop performance!

Apple has made the back of this iPhone from glass, with the two halves of the device sandwiching an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure.

This iPhone 12 series comes in different color variants like Blue, Green, Black, White, and Red.


Apple claims that its A14 Bionic chip is the “first in the industry” to use a 5nm process to manufacture its chip.
This A14 Bionic chip features 2 high-performing cores, namely “Firestorm” and four energy-efficient cores called the “Ice storm.” The Firestorm and the Ice storm are highly efficient as they help process more instructions per clock, which offers better performance at a lower time.

Though there is ample price difference between the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro max, Apple is generous enough to embed the same fast performing A14 Bionic chip in all these 4 iPhones.

This A14 Bionic Chip lets the phone operate around 11 Trillion Operations per second, making it the fastest chip a smartphone has ever come across.

The reason behind the super-efficient battery life, faster CPU, and GPU is this minute chip!
Since all four phones come with an in-built A14 Bionic Chip, you will experience faster processing in all four phones of the Apple iPhone 12 series.

Front camera:

Again, all four phones of this series share the same specifications for the front camera.
It has a dual front camera that ensures incredible selfies! The front camera comes with a 12 MP 1/3.6-inch sensor with a 23 mm-equivalent f/2.2- aperture lens and SL 3D sensor for depth estimation.

You can also record selfie video in 4K 2160p Dolby Vision HDR quality, which even the pro movie cameras can’t do!

Now that we have understood the similarities in detail let us jump to the differences between all four phones.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the significant difference between all four phones is their price, phone’s size, screen resolution, battery capacity, and camera’s hardware!

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is almost double the price of the iPhone 12 Mini, and now it is time to analyze the difference between all four phones.

Phone’s screen size:

If you are tired of holding a big-size mobile, then iPhone 12 Mini is crafted just for you!
It comes with a 5.4-inch display that fits into your palm effortlessly.
The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro comes with a 6.1-inch display that is slightly bigger when compared to the iPhone Mini. If you prefer using the mobile in a single hand, this phone is just for you!
The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the widest display size of all! It comes with a 6.7-inch display that has got the benefits of a wider screen!

Screen resolution:

Screen Resolution refers to the Pixel density, the number of pixels per unit distance or area.
The more the screen resolution, the better will be the picture or display quality.
The screen resolution of the four iPhone 12 series phones are as follows:
the iPhone 12 Mini comes with a 2340×1080-pixel resolution at 476 PPI, the iPhone 12 with a 2532×1170-pixel resolution at 460 PPI, 1170×2532 pixels resolution at 460 PPI, for the iPhone 12 Pro and 1284×2778 pixels resolution at 458 PPI for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Battery capacity:

Battery capacity determines the life of the battery, charging speed, and the charge retaining rate.
The Apple iPhone 12 Mini packs a 2227mAh battery that is nearly 20% smaller when compared to the battery size of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, whose battery capacity comes to around 2815mAh.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes powered by a 3687mAh battery capacity that lasts longer than the other three iPhones.


MagSafe case:

This mobile comes with a Magsafe case, a wallet that you can attach to your mobile case’s rear-side. You can store money, credit and debit cards as well. You will not lose your valuables as the manufacturers have shielded them safely.


You can now engrave names, emojis, numbers, or a mix of all these in your Apple Airpods for free. You can get this done in 7 regional languages and English.

Other Features:

This phone is Turbo chargeable as it supports wireless charging for fast and perfect charging.

The iPhone 12 series stands as the best iPhone till date irrespective of the similarities and differences between the 4 products. The reason behind this being the Advanced processor and many updated features.

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