Best hairdryer for the perfect hair

Best Hairdryer for the perfect hair

In this fast-moving life, where you are busy balancing your personal and professional lives, you do not get enough time to groom yourself.
Let alone grooming; even a daily hair wash seems difficult due to the complications in drying and styling your washed hair.

Just like you have a tool and technology for everything, won’t it be great if you have the technology in hand to dry and style your hair in no time?

Well, Poorvika never fails to understand your needs and now we are here with the list of best hairdryers that will suit your hair.

Scroll further for a detailed analysis of your hair-friendly hairdryers, which you can use to style your hair.

Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer:

This 1600W powerful hairdryer comes with many features that allow you to set your hair in the desired style while protecting your hair from heat and radiation!

Travelling abroad? Worry not, as this hair dryer comes with Universal Voltage that is compatible with 110-240 Volts, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Moreover, carrying this hairdryer while travelling is not a big deal as you can make it compact just by folding the hairdryer’s handle.

The Thermo protect temperature setting provides an efficient drying temperature, thus protecting the hair damage due to over-heating!

This hair dryer is perfect for hairstyling as it meets all your styling needs. Yes, it comes with 3 flexible heat and speed settings that help you achieve easy hair drying and styling. Also, the cool shot feature provides a burst of cold air to set your hair as per your wish.

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This model of Philips hair dryer weighs around 425 gms.

The price of Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer in India is Rs. 1795/- whereas in Poorvika, it is just Rs.1499 after a discount of 16%
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Havells HD 3152 Hairdryer:

The Havells HD 3152 Hairdryer shares most of the features and specifications as the Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer.

It also comes with a 1600 W effective drying that is perfect for everyday styling. One of the biggest fear among people who use a hairdryer is, “What if my hair falls because of over-heating?”

Having understood your worry, Havells has introduced Heat balance technology that distributes the heat evenly, resulting in significantly less heat exposure.

This Hairdryer from Havells also comes with 3 temperature settings and 1 cool shot that enables styling your hair perfectly as per your styling requirements.

It also has additional features like Foldable handles and a Hanging loop for comfortable handling. It supports Voltage from 220-240V AC, and it weighs around 335 gm.

The price of Havells HD 3152 Hairdryer in India is Rs. 1495/- whereas in Poorvika, it is just Rs.1199 after a discount of 19%!

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Philips HP8120/00 Hairdryer:

This model supports 220V of Voltage and has a 1200 W powerful dryer that helps you in not just drying but also styling your hair.

This Philips HP8120/00 hairdryer also comes with a ThermoProtect temperature setting that combines both optimal airflow and heat combination that allows you to dry your hair quickly, refraining from overheating.

This model comes with a three pre-selected heat and speed settings for cool, caring and quick drying. This feature not just helps in drying the hair swiftly but also helps in your styling requirements.

The Philips HP8120/00 Hairdryer supports 220 V and comes with a foldable handle and storage hook for a simple and comfortable handling experience.

This product weighs around 381 gms.

The price of Philips HP8120/00 Hairdryer in India is Rs. 1245/- whereas, in Poorvika, it is just Rs.1099/- after a discount of 11%

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Philips HP 8108/00 Hairdryer:

The Philips HP 8108/00 Hairdryer comes with a 1000W gentle drying technology that creates an optimum airflow level.

It also has 2 flexible speed settings or heat combinations for effortless and effective hair styling. This adjustable heat setting feature protects your hair from exposing it to high temperature, thereby giving a wonderful texture.

This hair dryer has a narrow concentrator that helps you focus the airflow through the opening to specific areas resulting in better touch-ups and styling.

This Philips hairdryer supports 220-240V, which has a foldable handle for easy handling!

This product weighs around 299gm and comes with a 2-year warranty from manufacturing defects.

The price of Philips HP 8108/00 Hairdryer at Poorvika is Rs. 1095/-

Philips HP 8144/06 Hairdryer:

This model of Philips Hairdryer also comes with a 1000W dryer along with 2 speed and heat settings.

Though you can’t fold this hairdryer’s handle, it comes in handy while travelling. Thanks to the size of this dryer!

This hairdryer supports 220-240V and comes with storage hooks for convenient storage.
This product weighs around 360gms and comes with a 2-year warranty from manufacturing defects.

The price of Philips HP 8144/06 Hairdryer in India is Rs. 975/- whereas, in Poorvika, it is just Rs.949/- after a discount of 2%

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Philips HP 8142/00 Hairdryer:

This Philips HP 8142/00 Hairdryer shares the same features and specifications as in Philips HP 8108/00 Hairdryer, except that it weighs heavier than the former. The weight of Philips HP 8142/00 Hairdryer is 380 gms.

The price of Philips HP 8144/06 Hairdryer in India is Rs. 815/- whereas in Poorvika, it is just Rs.770/- after a discount of 5%

Do make use of this offer and purchase this product from Poorvika.

To sum it up, we have curated this list of hairdryers based on hair safety, minor exposure to heat, easy styling, and comfortable carrying! These are also budget-friendly hair dryers that wont be heavy on your pocket!

Buy any of these hairdryers online from Poorvika by availing the exciting discounts, cashbacks and offers.

Make use of our 2 hour delivery service and get the products delivered at your doorstep without delay.

Happy styling!!

Havells HD3152 Hair Dryer (Pink)



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