The Best Beard Trimmer From Philips 2021

Best Beard Trimmer

Everybody loves grooming themselves, and Men are no exception. Though the market has lots of grooming products for men, it doesn’t come to the limelight!

One thing that plays a vital role in Men’s attire is their beard, and that is why Beard trimmers take up an essential part in the Men’s grooming segment.

With offices and industries embracing casual wear and casual looks, it is time for you (the Men) to groom yourself and flaunt the “stylish you” to the outside world.

To help you achieve this, we are doing our part to find the best beard trimmers for you. We have curated the best beard trimmers available in the market for you. Scroll down to read further!

Philips Beard Trimmer:

Philips, the famous electrical and electronics brand known for its innovative and quality products, is now a pioneer in manufacturing beard trimmers for Men. They come up with newer upgrades every once in a while to make it easier for men to have a smoother and safer trimming/shaving experience.

Philips Beard Trimmer BT1210/15:

Cutting system:

The Trimmer has smoother non-scratchable teeth and a precision size of 1mm that ensures you get an accurate and comfortable trimming experience. Philips uses stainless steel blades in its cutter, which comes with a cutter width of 32mm.

Beard Trimmer


Love beard? We have a 5mm Beard comb to fix your beard.
Love stubble? We have a stubble comb accessory too!
Ask anything, and this Philips equipment has it all for you!

Philips has provided a cleaning brush to help you maintain the Trimmer. That’s how easy it is to maintain your look.


This Ergonomic, easy-grip Trimmer comes with a NiMH battery type with 100-240V of voltage. You need to plug in the device for about 8 hours to charge it thoroughly, and once it’s fully charged, it can run up to 30 minutes.

The Philips Beard Trimmer BT1210/15 is priced at Rs.799/- You can get this Philips Beard Trimmer BT1210/15 online from Poorvika.

Philips Beard Trimmer HC3505/15:

This Philips trimmer model has many features like the Trim-n-Flow technology for continuous cutting, Self-sharpening stainless steel blades, etc.

Cutting system:

This Philips Beard Trimmer HC3505/15 has a Trim and Flow technology that prevents hair from getting stuck in the clipper. The cutter comes with 41mm of cutter width that has 13 lock-in-length settings. The 2mm precision step blade gives a clean-cut that makes you look classy.

Philips Beard Trimmer HC3505/15 


This model of Philips trimmer comes with an adjustable hair comb that helps you cut your hair effortlessly. Cleaning your beard trimmer is no more a difficult task!

All that you need is a cleaning brush to maintain this trimer. No oil, no mess! Just an easy cleaning process.


This Philips beard trimmer doesn’t come with an in-built battery. Hence, you can use this Trimmer only with a cord. This Ergonomically designed Trimmer has an automatic voltage of 100-240 V.

You can get this Philips Beard Trimmer HC3505/15 online from Poorvika at Rs. 1349/-
Avail of our 2 hours delivery option and get the product delivered at your doorsteps on the same day.

Philips OneBlade Trimmer QP2525/10:

This Philips OneBlade Trimmer is unique in so many ways.
It has many features like Unique OneBlade Technology, Water-resistant, long-standing battery.

Trimmer and shaving performance:

It has contour-flowing technology that allows you to comfortably and effectively shave all areas. This technology grants an effective trim for you. The dual protection system has a protective plate on top of the cutter that prevents the blade from touching your skin, keeping it protected.


It comes with 3 click-on-stubble combs of various lengths, say 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm, which you can use for different stubbles sizes to ensure an even trim.

Philips OneBlade Trimmer QP2525/10


This Philips trimmer model comes with a Ni-MH battery type of 100-240V. It takes almost 8 hours for it to charge fully, and on full-charge, you can use it continuously for around 45 minutes, which is relatively longer than most trimmers.


This Trimmer has a durable one blade that lasts longer. For optimal and effective performance, all you need to do is replace the blade every 4 months. Worry not, as the blade replacement is an easy and hassle-free process.

The Philips OneBlade Trimmer QP2525/10 comes in 2 different colour variants: Lime Green and Charcoal grey.

When you purchase this product online from Poorvika, you also get free Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo, and Beard conditioner from Bombay Shaving Company worth Rs.540/-

Philips Beard Trimmer BT3215/15:

The Philips Beard Trimmer BT3215/15’s lift and trim comb is going places as it makes the trimming experience fantastic.

Cutting system:

This Philips Beard trimmer gives the most accurate trim as it has 0.5mm precision blades whose length ranges from 0.5mm to 10 mm. The 32mm cutter has a Titanium blade cutter and non-scratching teeth for the most comfortable trimming experience.

Philips Beard Trimmer BT3215/15


This Philips Trimmer model comes with a Lift and Trim comb, a storage pouch, and a cleaning brush.

The lift and trim comb guides your hairs to get level with the cutting blades, thereby giving an excellent and even trim. This comb is handy, especially for stubble beards! Also, the travel pouch makes sure your product is safe during travel.


The Philips Beard Trimmer BT3215/15 comes with a NiMH battery type with an automatic voltage of 100-240V. It takes one hour to charge fully, and once it has a full charge, you can continuously operate this device for 60 minutes.

This Trimmer has an in-built DuraPower technology that ensures a 4X longer battery life.

Ease of use:

This Trimmer with Ergonomic, easy design has 20 integrated length settings for easy and neat trimming.
Cleaning this Trimmer is no more a hefty task, as you can rinse it on the go without using any oil or brush.

You can use this Trimmer, both corded or cordless; so, if your Trimmer has a low battery or empty battery, you can plug it in to charge while using it.

You can get this Philips Beard Trimmer BT3215/15 online from Poorvika while availing our 2 hours delivery service to get it delivered to your doorsteps right away.

Philips Beard Trimmer



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