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‘At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security’ – Jodi Rell.

Better safe than sorry, they say! As Safety and Security are the utmost concerns in today’s world, we see everyone spend Grands to safeguard their value-rich assets. Every brick-and-mortar store has a Security Camera that monitors the conditions and sends alerts to Smartphones; such is technology development. We see many Brands come up with exceptional Smart Security Cameras with AI tracking that does more than typically expected things.

Let’s explore further and look into the detailed specifications and features of Home Security Cameras from big brands like Zebronics, Xiaomi, and realme. Let me bring a little something extra! These 3 Home Security Cameras come at a below 3000 bucks price range! :)) Now get a hold of your favourite brownie and watch the show.

Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera (White):

Zebronics has been a prominent Tech Leader in the World of Electronics and Accessories and a go-to option for budget buys. Trailing back to Gen Y’s era, we had bulky Desktops with Keyboards, Mouse and Web Cameras with the word ‘Zebronics’ engraved on them. The Tech Leader’s entry into Smart Cameras has intensified the competition amongst other giants, including the Mi, realme, TP-Link, Ring, and Google Nest. Let’s dig-deep and figure out the complete specifications and usage of the Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera here.

Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera White
Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera


The Zebronics Smart Home Security Camera, beautifully crafted to perfection, features a White Frame enclosing the lens (F2.5, 3.6mm) that does the job of PTC (Pan 355°, Tilt 110°, Zoom – 4x Digital Zoom). The Smart Camera comes with a 2MP lens and can deliver up to 1080p HD Enhanced Image Quality to give life to the word ‘crystal-clear’.

With the latest H265 HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), the Security Camera delivers the best-compressed version of your Videos, significantly reducing the storage requirements and bandwidth. The device, powered with the advanced AI Motion Detection feature, can automatically track movements and triggers alerts on your mobile app. (Attention, thieves!). Oh, Wait! Did I say the magic device supports Two-Way Audio communication with a built-in Mic and Speaker?! YES! Now, monitor your kid and voice out if he grabs an extra candy.

The Camera’s intelligence extends to features like Baby Crying Detection, Motion Detection, Motion Tracking, Abnormal Sound Detection, and Human Shape Detection. The flexible storage capacity of 8GB-64GB MicroSD and YI Cloud lets you store everything you need. The Camera allows a maximum of 8 Users Online simultaneously, a PC Client, and 4 Cameras on one screen.

The connectivity options include Wireless (up to 10m) and Ethernet. No second thoughts when it comes to safeguarding and security! Think no more and Buy the Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera Online from the Poorvika Website.


The Zebronics Zeb HA2NW10M PT HYC Home Security Camera Price in India is Rs. 2,299, targeting affordability like a BOSS!

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p (White):

Xiaomi’s majestic entry into the World of Smart Technology with the launch of products that blend Technology, Smartness, affordability, and Upgradation, has seen revolutionary successes. Xiaomi released the sophisticated Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p that addressed every individual’s safety and security needs.

Mi Home Security Camera 360
Mi Home Security Camera 360


Coming to the design, the Hour-glass-shaped frame and a 360° Vision lens in the middle is flawless and weighs just 239gms. Upright or Inverted! Install the Camera that suits your preference. The Camera is indeed an All-round Protection with 1080p FHD Video, 2.0 MP, and a wide dynamic range giving life to details. Stop worrying about low-light conditions, as the device’s all-new low-light, true colour technology backs you up by enhancing the illumination.

Safeguard your valuable assets after dusk with the f2.1 aperture, which intakes more light, and an 8-Bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increases visibility. The camera’s dual motorhead is responsible for rotating and capturing a complete 360° Horizontal view and 96° Vertical View for you to have a solid view of your home. How about adding a pinch of smartness to the gadget? With the team’s expertise, various algorithms, and deep learning technology, the Camera’s AI Motion Detection can monitor the movements and alert you on your phone instantly.

The 2-way Audio lets you interact with your peers using the camera, no matter where you are. The device addresses your major concern on storage; the Advanced Video Encoding Technology reduces the bandwidth by 50% with zero compromises on the detailing and increases recording storage by 100%.

The storage options available are a Local MicroSD (supports up to 64GB) and NAS (Network Attached Source) Storage Devices. Watch recorded videos anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet through the Mi Home App, at a playback speed of 2x/4x/16x.


The Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p price in India is Rs. 2,899. Visit the Poorvika Website right away and Buy Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p Online to get more discounts and cashback offers.

realme Wi-Fi Smart Camera 360° (White):

realme is one of the most dominant Tech Leaders contributing the latest Technology to products that ease our daily lives. The realme Wi-Fi Smart Camera 360° is a go-to product when it comes to safeguarding your sweet home with sophisticated features at an affordable price range. The design of the realme Wi-Fi Smart Camera 360° resembles a human eye, with the perfectly crafted black lens on a White frame engraved with the brand ‘realme’ at the bottom end of the frame.

realme Wi-Fi Smart Camera 360° White
realme WiFi Smart Cam 360


The Smart Camera’s 360° Panoramic Vision with dual motors can rotate in all directions with a 360° Horizontal viewing angle. On comparing the other Smart Cameras in the price range, there is no compromise on the Video Quality, hence 1080p WDR Video Recording.

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Technology, 3D Noise Reducing Algorithms, and Edge Distortion Correction lets you experience nothing but a top-notch quality and an enhancement to the overall video. Now, trash your skeptical thoughts on low-light conditions; the built-in high-quality 940nm infrared illuminator gives you a Full-Color crystal clear picture up to 10 meters.

Like other Smart Cameras, realme proved its excellence in delivering its part of AI Motion Detection. Realme’s AI Motion Detection Monitor recognizes Voice Detection, Motion Detection, and Human Body Detection and instantly sends a notification to your smartphone through the realme Link App if things go haywire.

realme advances a step ahead with the Real-time Motion Tracking that tracks a moving object throughout the surveillance. Freeze your pets from getting away from your sight in real-time with two-way Audio communication. Storage is not an issue. As the device supports expandable memory through a Memory Card for up to 128GB that lets you record 1080p videos for 14 days straight!

Moreover, the all-new H.265 Video Encoding Technology reduces the bandwidth and Video Storage by 50%, offering an extra room for storage. Privacy is the word when it comes to Security Cameras, and realme has aced it well.

The Anti-sight switch on the Camera takes it to Hibernation mode at times. The Strict Dad is here! Videos copied from the memory card to a PC or smartphone are highly Data and Transmission encrypted.

The master that rules the show, Wi-Fi, is given a #1 priority here. An In-built Wi-Fi Extender enhances the network connection’s stability when multiple cameras are connected to the single Wi-Fi and ensures a stable signal transmission with a Professional Wi-Fi Monitoring Chip.


The realme Smart Cam 360 price in India is Rs. 2,999. Wait no more and buy realme Smart Cam 360 Online from the Poorvika website with exciting deals and cashbacks.

We hope this article gave you all the information you needed on smart cameras that might suit your security requirement levels. Get your Smart Camera from Poorvika right away with additional deals and offers from the website. Choose our 2 Hour Fast Delivery option as you check-out to get your product delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible!

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras


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