Motorola Verve Rap 250 Sport Bluetooth Headset


Presently the market has swollen with a lot of low-quality headsets. If there are plenty of quality products available, it is not advisable to go for cheap products. Are you scratching your head? Well, you don’t have to scratch anymore as we are presenting to you the Motorola Verve Rap 250, one of the best Bluetooth neckband available in the market.

Motorola Verve Rap 250 Bluetooth Headset

If you are planning to buy a good Bluetooth Neckband, this is a good option. It uses Bluetooth version 5.0 for connectivity. Let us have a short explanation about Bluetooth version 5.0, before we proceed further with the specification of Motorola Verve Rap 250. The Bluetooth version 5.0 consumes lesser energy when compared to its previous versions.

Motorola Ververap 250 Sport Bluetooth Headset

The file transfer speed is comparatively faster since it operates in a broader bandwidth. It offers better stability in the long-range. Because of all these factors, the strength of Verve Rap 250 is better than devices with Bluetooth version 4.2.

The outer part of the earpiece has a magnet, so when you bring both the earpieces close, they stick within a blink. While using it for calls, both the speaker and receiver could hear each other’s voice. Since it has an integrated microphone, you can use the Verve 250 to make hands free call.

Features & Certification

The Bluetooth neckband supports Voice Assistant, which means you can get everything done via your voice from now on. It helps three Voice Assistants: The Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

Mild spills and sweat are not going to bother Verve Rap 250 because it has IPX5 certification. Its Frequency Response is similar to the audibility range of Human Beings. Wondering, what is the audibility range? You don’t have to go to another source to understand it, as we have it for you.

Audibility range is our capacity to hear the sound wave. Our audibility range starts from 20Hz to 20000Hz. We cannot hear a sound under 20Hz in the normal environment. And Hertz is an S.I unit used to measure Frequency. In simple words, Hertz denotes the number of changes sound waves undergo per second while travelling on a medium.

Well, there are several arguments about the ability of our Temporal Bone inside our ear. Experts say that the Temporal Bone can hear sounds up to 50000Hz. But in reality, we will not be able to hear the sound waves beyond 20K Hz.

Once charged fully, the 120 mah battery of Verve 250 will give you a playback time of 8 hours. Motorola offers a 1-year warranty, and it is applicable for manufacturing defects. The Motorola Verve Rap 250 price in India is Rs.1,299.

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