What are the Different Types of Headphones?

What are the best earphones for a music lover?
What are the best headphones to buy?
What are the best headphones for zoom meetings?
What are the best headphones for gaming?
What are the categories of headphones?

These questions sound so easy! But it isn’t as simple as it seems!
To find out the answers to these questions, you need to know about the different types of headphones available in the market. Here is the blog for you to learn everything you need to know about the different types of headphones. Just spend a few minutes of your time to find out what we might have in store for you guys!

Headphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We listen to our favorite music, make a phone call, or watch a video with the help of headphones. So pick a headphone that might suit your needs after being more informed from this blog.

Let us now break the ice.
What are the Different Types of Headphones?We have three different types of headphones, and they are;

  1. In the ear headphones
  2. On the ear headphones
  3. Over the ear headphones

Now we will go deep into the topic to explore what each of them is and how they differ in terms of providing audio.

In-ear headphone

In-ear headphones are also known as in-ear monitors (IEMs) or traditional canal earphones. These headphones are small earphones that look like your average True Wireless Earbuds. They rest inside your ears and maybe even slightly closer to the eardrums. These headphones are very famous in the market.

This headphone style usually reduces sound leakage and produces a tremendous amount of sound even in crowded areas. These headphones typically come with a silicone ear tip that ensures durable protection, adding more comfort. This headphone is for those who love listening to music during travel because it is a lightweight headphone and you can actually carry them anywhere.

On-ear headphone:

We also know this headphone as the Supra-aural Headphone. This headphone goes over the head and ceases on top of the ears. On-ear headphones come with slightly smaller earcups. It is way much better at blocking out the external sounds.

The on-ear headphones are known for their sound isolation feature.

This style of headphones isn’t that great at providing comfort, but it doesn’t make your ears sweat as much as over-the-ear models.

On-ear headphones are cheaper than over-ear headphones, and you can use them for your zoom meetings.

Over-ear headphone:

Over-ear headphone

Over-ear headphones can also mean circumaural headphone.

The headband stays on the top of your head. The earcups go around your head, all over the ears, like a rainbow. These headphones usually come under the top-notch segment.

Audio and Sound Equipment companies created this exclusively for Noise Reduction and Noise Cancellation functions. It covers all over your ears, making sure that no outside noise comes any closer to you.

These headphones come with a microphone system, advanced touch sensors, and Built-in voice control that works at the premium level.

These are the premium segment headphones that give a futuristic experience in real-time.

They are quite comfortable as they won’t damage your earlobes like other models since they’re soft.

These headphones are bulkier than other headphones in the market.

But these pillow-pressed headphones will be perfect for gamers and song lovers.

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