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Best Features of Mi Notebook 14-IC Intel Core i5 10th Gen Laptop

Xiaomi has always offered products worth more than what we pay. And that is the main reason behind their massive success. After their enormous success in the Smartphone industry, the manufacturer from Beijing has fixed their eyes on the computing industry. Scroll down and read the blog to know about the Mi Notebook 14-IC Windows 10 laptop’s best features.

Best Features of Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5 10th Gen

Before we get started, we are going to present a short explanation of what is best. We have affirmed multiple times that the term ‘best’ is very subjective because not all of us use our laptops for the same purpose.

But still, some features must be best to provide the best user experience. What are those features? Wait till we unveil the best features.


Under the hood of this Laptop, lies the Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor. Though it is a Quad-Core processor, its performance doesn’t seem like it belongs to this category. The processor has a base frequency of 1.60GHz. Since it also supports Hyperthreading, each core of the Laptop can handle two tasks at a time. Intel has used 14-nanometer fabrication to manufacture the powerhouse of this Laptop.

Mi Notebook GPU

The robust CPU of the Mi Notebook 14 comes with the Intel UHD Graphics 620. It belongs to the Comet Lake Micro-architecture of Intel.

The GPU of Mi Notebook 14 is strong enough to let the user play light games like Faster Than Light, Brutal Doom. Are you wondering what is GPU and its role?

GPU is a component of the Laptop that takes care of all kind of works related to graphics. Graphics doesn’t only include Games and Video editing; even playing videos on your Laptop is controlled by the GPU.

Mi Notebook Display & Smart Features

Without display, we cannot view anything on the Laptop. If a laptop has a poor display, we will not be interested in using our Laptop. Having known this, Xiaomi provides a 14-inch Anti-glare display with a screen resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080).

Since the screen to body ratio is 81.2%, the Laptop can deliver a 178° wide viewing angle. This ratio is one of the main reasons this Laptop is made more noticeable than the other laptops in this segment.

Images will be sharp and clean, and the colour reproduction of the Notebook 14 is perfect. All these parameters take the visual experience of Notebook 14 to another level.

Well, how can we forget to mention the smart features of this Laptop?

Using Mi Blaze Unlock, you need not type the password to log in. You can directly log in to your Laptop by tapping on any key in your Mi band. From now on, get ready to face the superfast unlocks.

The next prominent feature of the Mi Notebook is- the Mi Smart Share. You can use it to share files. It can transfer files at 82Mbps speed.

In addition to Xiaomi’s exclusive features, Notebook 14 also comes with a Multi-touch support touchpad. Which means, you can pinch the touchpad to Zoom In and Zoom Out, or swipe vertically to switch between the applications.

Xiaomi has one more unique feature. The 2 x 2 W Stereo Speakers of the Laptop are equipped with DTS Audio Processing, making our listening experience more blissful.

Storage & Battery

Even if a laptop has a top-notch processor and display, it cannot function properly without proper storage. At the same time, multitasking 8GB DDR4 RAM of Notebook 14 floats through. Since the SSD of Notebook 14 operates on 6.0Gb/s, the 256GB SATA 3 Solid State Drive’s file transfer speed is incredibly fast.

The battery is the only source of power for all devices, and the Laptop is no exception. The Mi Notebook 14 has a 46 Watt-hour battery. Before running out of steam, the Notebook lasts for 10 hours.


Whatever may be your demand, the Mi Notebook has every feature to meet your requirements. Be it the brand, the specifications, etc., this Laptop meets all your needs at present, and this is one of the best laptops under the 50,000 INR price category. The Mi Notebook price in India is Rs.43,999.

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