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Everything About The OnePlus 9 Series Hasselblad Camera

OnePlus 9 Series

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future” is a beautiful saying by Sally Mann. As said, photos are the only way to get back to the past and live it once again. It is a lovely feeling when we recollect all those sweet memories at our high school with our friends. Just thinking about those memories brings a broad smile to our face. Adding to it, when we gaze at the pictures, it makes us feel fulfilled.

There are a few images that carry thousands of emotions and stories to convey. Especially when we badly miss our passed away loved ones, pictures are the only way to recall those old memories with them. Whenever you feel depressed or sad, you can regain yourself by seeing all those happy clicks. And maybe this is the reason why every one of us loves photography.

Though we love to capture the moments, everyone is not sitting on a gold mine to afford a branded camera. But at the same time, we all are not as poor as a church mouse that we can’t afford a smartphone. The next question striking on everyone’s mind will be, do smartphones deliver similar image quality to a camera? No worries, the smartphone brands have developed a lot to help you take stunning pictures.

All things come to he who waits. So to enjoy a top-notch mobile camera experience, you must bide your time till 23rd March 2021. Because it is a very big day for all the OnePlus fans as the official launch event of the OnePlus 9 series is scheduled.

This time, OnePlus has set a target to become the king of smartphone photography. And the CEO of the company has also made a statement that it is investing heavily in the camera this year and is aiming to be the leader in this department. They are actually planning and working to bring professional photography experience into your pocket.

As a result, OnePlus is associating with the Hasselblad for the first time to set a mobile photography benchmark. Hasselblad is the most famous Swedish camera maker that has 80 years of experience in producing quality cameras. Since World War II, it is well known for its medium-format cameras. It has also joined the elite camera manufacturer club that is because Hasselblad is behind the most expensive cameras on the market.

Have you heard about astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin? They had two specially made Hasselblad cameras to capture man’s first steps on the Moon. The camera they took with them was the Hasselblad data camera with a 60mm Zeiss Biogon f/5.6 lens and a 70mm film magazine, and a Hasselblad Electric Camera having 80mm Zeiss Planar f/2.8 lens.

Joining hands with the Hasselblad, OnePlus has worked on countless details like shutter sound, the packaging, the UI, the UX, and the industrial design. They are working at the best to come up with a camera that will be beyond the expectation of everyone.

The Hasselblad camera is more famous for the true colour it produces. So as the OnePlus is now in partnership with Hasselblad, the latest OnePlus 9 series camera will also deliver accurate colour. The camera will offer amazing clarity and the naturalness of colour to the captured images.

A triple camera system is mounted on the OnePlus 9 smartphone, and the OnePlus 9 Pro will have a quad-camera setup and the Hasselblad branding. Both models carry the same primary and secondary camera. The primary sensor is Sony IMX 789, 48 MP lens, and the secondary sensor is Sony IMX766, 50 MP ultrawide lens camera. The third sensor of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro is a 2 MP depth sensor. The OnePlus 9 Pro additionally has an 8 MP telephoto lens.

The 48 MP main camera of the device is specially designed for the OnePlus 9 series with a dual native ISO. It delivers a better dynamic image quality by combining different ISO dual images. The primary camera supports Sony digital overlap HDR feature. There won’t be ghosting issues on a moving object as the process is so fast. It helps you to record 4K videoes at 120 fps and supports HDR real-time video processing.

The secondary 50 MP ultra-wide camera will help you to witness the speck and spot the image. The camera of the device is expected to come with some additional features. It may support a tilt-shift mode. Using this feature, you can capture the world into a miniature version. It looks incredible in certain situations. To use the tilt-shift mode, all you need to do is select the location, adjust the scope, angles, and intensity.

The next anticipated camera feature is the starburst effect. When the mobile is pointed towards any bright light source, a radiating star shape appears in place of a dot. This is known as the starburst effect. The following is the focus peaking effect. In this mode, the phone will put a filter on the focused point. This mode is also available in most of the Samsung Galaxy Pro models.

The next predictable camera feature is the moon mode. You can capture outstanding night sky photos with this mode as it applies some stunning filters on the Moon. And finally, the hyper-lapse mode. The OnePlus already has a time-lapse mode.

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