Is Apple SE 2021 a rumour?

iPhone SE 2021 a rumour

Apple introduced the iPhone SE during the year 2016, and from then on, there is no looking back!
This iPhone SE was one of the most affordable ranges of smartphone released by Apple. People welcomed this premium yet economical version of the iPhone and celebrated it whole-heartedly!

Four years down the lane, i.e., during 2020, Apple released the 2nd Generation iPhone SE, which looked more or less like the iPhone 8 but had advanced features and specifications as in iPhone 11.

Both Apple followers and the non-Apple fans admired this cost-effective mobile that comes with advanced technologies and specifications, making it a big hit!

It is now the time to speak about the iPhone SE (2021), a.k.a iPhone SE (3rd Generation), as rumour has already started floating in the air.

Let us understand the rumour about the release date, expected features, and iPhone SE specifications (2021) in this Blog.

When is iPhone SE(2021) expected to release?

There are many prevailing rumours and confusions around the release of the iPhone SE(2021).
Some sources mention that Apple named its iPhone SE 3rd Generation as iPhone SE 3, while others say it is called iPhone SE Plus.
A few others believe that Apple will release the iPhone SE (2021) alongside iPhone 13, and the iPhone Plus will be released later in 2021.

There are enough rumours and confusions regarding the release of this affordable iPhone device.
Hence, we will have to wait further to know what exactly Apple is upto.

The iPhone SE (2021) Expectations:

Let us now jump to the expected features, functionalities, and specifications of the iPhone SE (2021) as per the experts like “Ross Young” and “Ming-Chi Kyo.”


There are quite a bunch of rumour when it comes to the design of the iPhone SE (2021).

A set of people believes that if Apple follows the usual SE strategy, it might continue with the same external design as in the previous iPhone SE 2020 model.

Few experts believe that it may look more like the iPhone 11, while others say it might resemble the iPhone 12 mini.

Besides all these rumours, the final design theory says that since it is not long back that Apple had applied Patent for covering Titanium finish, there are possibilities for the iPhone SE (2021) to be made of Titanium.

However, as many of these features depend on how long we have to wait for the next version of SE, experts are unsure of the iPhone SE’s exact design (2021).


Coming to the display size of the iPhone SE (2021), experts are either expecting a 5.5 inch or a 6.1-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.

They are also of the view that this version of SE will come with an ‘All-screen’ design, removing the Home button and the iPhone XR’s chassis design.

However, it is still unsure if the SE(2021) will support Touch ID. Even if it does, it is unclear as to where the sensor will appear. It may either come along with the power button or get embedded under the screen.

A14 Bionic chip:

Experts and Analysts are expecting that Apple will introduce this 2021 SE model in the iPhone 12 range. If that happens, it is pretty much clear that Apple will embed the A 14 Bionic Chipset.

A 14 Bionic Chipset, designed by Apple, is undoubtedly the fastest Processor as of date. And ingraining the fastest ever Chip in a budget model will be the most happening thing in the mobile industry. No wonder why people fall in love with Apple!

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited manufactures this A 14 chip using a 5 nm process node, making it the first commercially available product to date. The 16-core Neural engine, A 14’s dedicated neural network Hardware, can perform up to 11 trillion operations per second.

So, it is pretty much sure from the rumours that the iPhone SE (2021) will be one of the fastest mobiles, as it comes with an in-built A 14 Bionic Chip.

Storage space:

Analysts expect the iPhone SE (2021) to come with 4GB RAM as the reviews for the previous SE version stated that the mobile is super cool except for the 3 RAM, making the smartphone perform a bit slow.

The experts expect that the internal memory will be available in the same three variants as before: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities.
The increased RAM space will ensure that the iPhone SE will perform effortlessly.


“This SE 2021 version might share the exact camera specifications as the iPhone 11 Pro”, predicts the analysts. In that case, the camera would come with both the main lens and Ultra-wide lens.

The best feature of the iPhone SE 2021’s camera is the Night mode, as it was absent in the previous SE model.

Not just the Night mode, but the camera comes with many other features like time-lapse videos, portraits, etc.

So, get ready to enjoy the most upgraded camera at an affordable cost ever!


5G is one such feature that goes without saying. Though India is still in the process of providing a 5G connection all over the country, the mobile phones released in recent times are 5G ready for far more advanced coverage and a faster connection with the world around.

All that you need is a 5G connectivity, and you are ready to rule the world.
It is no surprise that Apple will be embedding this feature in its upcoming iPhone SE 2021.

Expected Cost:

Now that we have discussed the iPhone SE rumours, we have reached the most crucial part.

Though features, specifications, and functionalities play a significant role in choosing a mobile phone, the product’s price becomes the deciding factor in most cases.

The price of this premium yet budgeted model of Apple phone in India comes to around 38,000 INR.

This cost is very much nominal compared to the features and specifications Apple offers, and undoubtedly the best bid one can offer.

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