OnePlus Watch Review: Full Specifications revealed

As the most ardent and vibrant tagline for OnePlus goes, ‘Never Settle’, OnePlus truly never settled after releasing the best-selling OnePlus 8 series smartphones. With the team of experts working tirelessly to integrate Technological advancements and enhance the performance of every gadget they release, OnePlus launched its next bomb!

OnePlus 9 series, the next generation Flagship smartphones, collaborated with Hasselblad to deliver a Top-notch Flagship Camera for Mobile. 

True to the cue of their posts on Twitter, OnePlus disclosed the surprises in the Launch event! As Apple and Samsung did, on their recent launches, OnePlus also launched their own enhancements! Yes, OnePlus inaugurated their entry into the World of Smart Wearables to connect with people and make their lives simpler. 

Their hit on Smart Bands’ domain earlier this year, the OnePlus Band, was undoubtedly the best-selling one in the market. Following that, OnePlus featured the best-in-class features and functionalities on the OnePlus Smartwatch and stayed competitive in the market! Let’s cut it off here and take you on a ride to explore the outstanding features and detailed specifications of the OnePlus Smartwatch!


OnePlus is not a novice brand when looking at the Design and Display of the OnePlus Smartwatch. The competitor ensures a visual delight by incorporating the style and elegance throughout the wearable. OnePlus chooses a 46mm Round Dial over square dials, touching the line of Pure Class.

The smartwatch features a 1.39inch AMOLED display with 454*454PX resolution at 326PPI Pixel Density. The 2.5D curved glass on the Display bezel has a glossy pattern that adds to the actual aesthetics. The Watch Display sits on a perfectly crafted, curve-perfect and hand-polished 316L Stainless Steel case bearing two buttons on the right. 

OnePlus takes the chance and delicately places the cherry on the cake by engraving the brand’s name, “OnePlus”, on the side button! (How was that move?!) The dial goes intact with 2 Fluoroelastomer straps with patterns, namely Classic Midnight Black and Classic Moonlight Silver. Choose your strap that goes perfect with your day’s outfit. 


Are you the person who loves sophistication but enjoys a pinch of Class in it?! Wow, OnePlus heard you right! The Limited Cobalt Edition is something you would prefer. The Watch Face sits on the Cobalt Alloy (twice as hard as Stainless Steel), delivering a stunning lustre and is corrosion-resistant.

The Company claims it’s durable and nickel-free and reduces skin-allergic reactions. The Sapphire Glass stunningly covers the display and enhances the brightness to a great extent. Pick your genre and flaunt all your way!


Amidst the era of Pandemic, Health is the utmost concern to every soul surviving out there. Considering that everyday Health Tracking is essential for us to lead a happy and sound life, OnePlus ensures it provides the basic tracking sensors: Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical Heart Rate sensor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor and Capacitance sensor. 

Get a Breath of fresh air and measure the Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) in your body; monitor your everyday sleep patterns and improve your sleep with the Sleep Tracker. We know you desperately need a break from your usual routine! The Stress Tracking function detects the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) through fluctuations and alarms you to come out of it. 

Mental Health isn’t an option; it’s a priority. As OnePlus says, ‘The Heart of Zen’, the Breath Training feature lets you relax your mind out and get the Zen in. As other Premium Smartwatches provide a Sedentary reminders’ feature, OnePlus grabs the opportunity to include it and reminds you to move your body. 


110 Workout modes in your OnePlus Smartwatch is something solid to ask for! It measures your pulse, distance, calories and speed. Additionally, you’re also provided with SWOLF Efficiency and Intelligent Swimming Posture recognition to intensify your Swimming performance. 

Notably, OnePlus also gives you 5ATM + IP68 Water and Dust Resistance! Connect your smartphone to OnePlus Health App and get a detailed update of your performance and tracking instantly.


Connectivity is never an issue with OnePlus, and it proves it this time as well. With Bluetooth 5.0, call your near and dear ones ‘hands-free’. Yes, absolutely no hands involved. And when it said about seamless connectivity, they really meant it!

4GB Storage is all given to you to enjoy your favourite Playlist anytime, and you can store upto 500 songs, they say. 

Having said that, the smartwatch can also pair with other Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for music on the go. Are you an ardent OnePlus user stuffing your home with the latest OnePlus devices?! Then this is something interesting for you! Widening the intelligence, the OnePlus Watch lets you control your OnePlus TV by regulating the Volume and automatically turning off the TV once you fall asleep.


Battery Life is one of the significant perks people are looking for in a smartwatch, and when it comes to big brands like OnePlus, we’re all ears to what the brand has offered. With efficient power management of a 402mAh Battery, a fully charged smartwatch can serve you 14 days straight.

They claim that the smartwatch stays active for upto 14 days with typical usage, 5 days with Sleep, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, and 25 hours with continuous exercise and GPS! Running out of time? Leave your worries here, and bid ‘HI’ to Warp Charging! Stay active for at least a week with just 20 mins of fast-charging!


Pair it up with your formal attire and go classy or swag up casually and go stylish all the way. You decide! Stay tuned to get yourself geared up with the latest OnePlus Watch on Poorvika Online, or visit your nearest Poorvika Store to have a live view of it. 

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