ASUS Pentium Quad Core X515MA-EJ101T Windows 10 Home Laptop: Everything You Need to Know!


Every new innovation and upgrade in technology aim for one single thing. And that is to simplify arduous tasks. For instance, our ancestors had to toil hard even to cook the simplest food. But what about us? We now have plenty of options which has made all of our tasks easier and convenient. Today we are going to discuss about one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. And that is the laptop. Laptops have entirely changed our way of living. Our job is to choose a laptop that can meet our requirements in terms of making our lives easier, highly productive and also have to be of decent quality from a trusted brand. ASUS is a brand famous for its High-performance gaming laptops. We have a laptop from ASUS, the ASUS Pentium Quad Core X515MA, for you to look at.

While the ASUS Pentium, being an entry-level laptop, isn’t designed to handle intensive tasks or gaming, we will be evaluating the device purely based on its potentiality. This blog will have all the necessary details and tid-bits about the ASUS Pentium X515MA Laptop. A laptop made to handle light tasks like browsing and working on spreadsheets without causing any hitches. Sooner or later, we will be able to overcome this deadly virus. Till then, we must stay safe and work hard to keep our productivity intact. Let’s get into the article!

Design of ASUS Pentium

Unlike smartphones, there is no proper space for manufacturers to alter a laptop’s design entirely. Despite all odds, laptops keep undergoing a massive change in terms of design and aesthetics. How? The Bezels around the display have become thin, while the overall form factor is slimmer, and the chipset on the motherboard is significantly stronger than the previous generation laptops.

Most of the laptops which belong to the affordable budget segments tend to look awful and ugly. But the ASUS Pentium X515MA is an eye-candy.

Its brush metal finish lid looks phenomenal. And the overall aesthetics of the Pentium laptop is definitely a bait to even the most intelligent fish in the pond.

While we are on the topic of design, the next thing which catches our mind is its build quality.

Generally, in order to avoid manufacturing costs of a product, most companies compromise on quality through which they build products at a meager price. But the Taiwanese manufacturer hasn’t done any sort of compromise in the build quality of the ASUS Pentium laptop.

The entire chassis and body of the laptop are made of plastic, and the overall build quality of the laptop is top-notch, to be exact.

Display & Keyboard of ASUS Pentium

The role of both these components is crucial and essential to enhance the user experience of a laptop. Because, display and keyboard are the two components that allow a user to communicate with the laptop.

The ASUS Pentium has a 15.6 inch Full HD Anti-glare LED-backlit display. It also supports a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels. The images look clean and sharp on the ASUS Pentium X515MA laptop; watching a high-resolution movie on it will be an unforgettable experience.

Slim bezels on three sides help the ASUS Laptop to achieve an 83% screen to body ratio. Because of the higher screen to body ratio, a user can watch the entire content on the screen without straining your neck.

After opening the lid of the laptop, you get blown away by the silver keys on the Chiclet keyboard.

The keys of the ASUS Laptop are light and responsive with less key travel. Also, the keys are made using good quality plastic. Thus the overall typing experience on the laptop is breezy. The inclusion of Numpad is beneficial while performing calculations in excel sheets.

Chipset of ASUS Pentium

The ASUS X515MA laptop runs on an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor. Its performance is similar to Intel Core i3 Chipsets.

There are two major differences between Pentium and Intel Core Processors. The first one is the smaller cache memory, and the next difference is that Pentium processors don’t support Hyperthreading.

The Pentium Silver N5030 processor consists of 4 physical cores, which can operate between 1.10 to 3.30GHz. The raw processing and rending power of the Pentium N5030 chipset is no match for Intel Core Chipsets.

However, the difference in performance cannot be explicitly seen during basic tasks like browsing and watching your favourite movies on online platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has a total score of 491 points in the multi-core benchmark test of Cinebench R20.

ASUS Pentium Quad Core Windows 10 Home Laptop X515MA-EJ101T 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 15.6 inch Transparent Silver 1.80 kg

Even after opening more than 11 tabs on Google Chrome, the laptop doesn’t slouch because the performance per clock is much better than its predecessors, built using Goldmont cores.

The chipset can perform 12,245 Integer Math MOPs per second, and 1,061 Million Matrices extended instructions per second.

Though the processor cannot handle heavy applications like Proteus and Android Studio, it is ideal for attending online classes. The overall performance of this chipset is definitely not mind-boggling, but it has enough muscle to meet a student’s requirement.


Components that fall under this category aid in delivering seamless performance. The 4GB DDR4 RAM of the ASUS Pentium X515MA laptop, ensures the device doesn’t slouch while working on two or three applications simultaneously.

The ASUS Pentium laptop has a 1TB SATA Hard Disk. The needle inside the hard disk has the ability to spin 5400 times per minute to reduce data latency. Since the storage capacity is very high, the chances of running out of storage are very unlikely to happen.

Additional Features

This laptop has a component which most of the upper mid-range laptops lack. The laptop’s trackpad has a fingerprint scanner that allows users to log in in a secure manner without typing a password.


The standby time of the laptop’s battery is impressive as well. Under the hood, the ASUS Pentium packs a 37 Watt-Hours 2 cell Lithium-ion battery with enough charge to last for a day.


There are several ports for media and connectivity. And the list of ports are 3 USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-C, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack with microphone support, and a discrete Micro SD card reader.

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