Is the Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition good and worth buying?

Mi is one of the biggest leaders in the industry of smart devices and smart home automation; this year has been a chance to prove their mettle yet again.

Once believed to be an underpowered breed of computing devices not too long ago, laptops have been the device millions worldwide have had to switch to during work-from-home situation due to the pandemic.

Xiaomi has turned the situation around by making their entry into the laptop market in India this year with the addition of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition, making their line-up even wider than before. It is the most affordable of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook range, and the device comes with a number of changes compared to its predecessors.

So, is it worth buying?

In terms of build, the very fact that the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition has an all-metal body is quite an improvement over the plastic that most of its rivals still use for their devices. It really enhances the user experience giving you a feeling that it is money well spent.

It has anodized sandblasted coating all through the entire body and has a finish that is premium in all aspects. The device comes in a silver colour variant.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition weighs just 1.5kg but actually feels lighter than its suggested weight when you carry the device. The design is sleek, with the laptop being just 17.9mm thick at its thickest point and the sandblasted coating giving it an ultra-premium look and feel.

You cannot find any sort of cluttered branding on the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition’s lid either apart from below the display on the bezel, giving it a clean finish.

Speaking of the display, the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition has a 14-inch LED Full HD display panel with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 Pixels stands out with how bright it can get.

It is also a matte display so that reflections won’t be a problem considering most office and home environments will most likely have poorly thought out overhead lights that reflect off a laptop display affecting screen visibility.

This screen is sharp as well, which makes reading texts as well as media web pages easy. Videos especially don’t look smudgy but rather crisp. The display is very vivid with life-like visuals as the richness and colour accuracy are very good with no washed-out colours.

Bad viewing angles are no longer a worry as the display has a 178-degree Wide-viewing Angle with an 81.2% Screen-to-body ratio.

The Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition comes in 2 variants powered by an Intel Core i3 and an Intel Core i5 processor. It is one of the most affordable Mi Notebook available at this time.

The name itself suggests the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition is apt for schools or students taking virtual classes due to the pandemic. However, the performance and the experience of the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition is pretty much perfect for anyone to use.

Laptops can also get very loud when they reach their peak performance load, and the fans have to work at maximum capacity to keep the system cool. In the Mi NoteBook 14e, the company claims the fan’s maximum sound at full capacity is just 37dB, making it very silent.

It has the Intel UHD Graphics 620 that are found in most Ultrabooks with Ultra-Low-Power Voltage processors. However, they cannot run heavy games like the Nvidia GeForce series of graphics cards. They can support casual games.

The Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition with the Intel i3 processor gets 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SATA 3 SSD that reads and writes faster than the traditional hard drives can. The i5 version comes in two storage variants; 8GB RAM/256GB SSD and 8GB RAM/512GB SSD.

Typically an SSD has read and write speeds that top as much as 600MB/s, and it’s something laptops with hard drives in the same price range can never match. You can easily open about Twenty Chrome tabs, a few couple Spreadsheets and Word documents, and the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition will still do the job smoothly without even flinching.

It’s Intel Optane Memory technology is an added advantage as it learns all your frequently added files and keeps them in memory, allowing you to have faster access to them when you need them.

The Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition comes with an HD webcam integrated above the display, making it even more convenient as you need not have to fumble around with a separate USB webcam.

Also, its 720p resolution can give you crisp video clarity even under low lighting conditions making zoom calls at night much more manageable. However, the webcam is best suited for video conferences, virtual classrooms, meetings, and catching up with friends and family.

The laptop comes with a scissor-switch keyboard mechanism, making it very comfortable to type on. The key size and the key spacing are noticeably ergonomically designed. Xiaomi claims that the keyboard also has a 1.3mm key travel distance, making the overall typing experience even better.

It has a pretty large touchpad with physical buttons for left and right clicks. The large size of the touchpad makes swipe gestures and navigation a breeze. Its Palm detection system works well and doesn’t let you unintentionally select or click something while you are typing away on the keyboard.

The Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition has multiple ports and connectivity options. These include one USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port and a 3.5mm audio port.

With the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition, you don’t need to worry about leaving the adapter behind in case you wish to take it somewhere.

The battery life of this laptop is pretty robust as the device can stand for 10 hours on a single charge, invariably making it one of few laptops with long battery life.

You can find the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition on the Offical Poorvika Website. The Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition Intel Core i3 10th Gen Laptop (8GB RAM, 256GB SATA 3 SSD) is priced at Rs.37,999.

The Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition Intel Core i5 10th Gen Laptop (8GB RAM, 256GB SATA 3 SSD) is priced at Rs.41,999. The Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition Intel Core i5 10th Gen Laptop (8GB RAM, 512GB SATA 3 SSD) is priced at Rs.46,999

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