Apple AirTag Accessories

Apple AirTag Accessories

Apple recently released its tracking device “AirTag”, which is now the talk of the town!
Apple never forgets to astonish people with its innovation and improvisation, and the Airtags or the accessories that accompany Apple AirTag are no exception.

Since the chances of missing the button-shaped tracker are huge, Apple has come with three innovative accessories to keep a hold on these AirTags.
1. AirTag Leather Keyring
2. AirTag Leather Loop
3. AirTag Loop

Let us go forward and understand the significance of each of these accessories in detail.

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AirTag Leather Keyring:

This Leather Keyring will be one of the most stylish and luxury Keychains you could ever get for your keys!
This Keyring has enough room to comfortably and securely fasten the AirTag so it can accompany your keys while allowing you to track them without the AirTag getting lost.

Undoubtedly, Apple always put into use the finest of materials for all its products. Therefore you can be sure that the quality of the Keyring is top-notch and will last you for years.

While the Stainless Steel Loop is strikingly strong, the French leather forms the rest of the body! Moreover, the French leather is tanned specially for this purpose giving the leather keyring a very soft, premium feel.

However, Apple sells the AirTag Leather Keyring separately and doesn’t accompany the AirTags.

The Leather Keyring is available in three different colour variants: Baltic Blue, Saddle Brown and Red. You can choose your Keyring from any of these available colour options.

The price of the AirTag Leather Keyring in India is Rs.3590/-

You can order the leather Keyring from the official website of Poorvika or visit your nearest Poorvika store.

AirTag leather Loop:

Slay in style with the AirTag leather loop. It not only holds your AirTag securely but also gives a refreshing and stylish feel when you attach it to your backpack/suitcase or anywhere you want it to be. It lets you track your belongings in style!

Apple has used specially tanned French leather in making the Tag’s Loop. This tanned French leather adds a touch of elegance, giving it a rich look while securely holding the AirTag in place.

This Leather Loop is available in two different colours: Saddle Brown and Red. You can choose from these two colours!

None of the AirTags come along with AirTag accessories, and hence they are to be bought separately.

The Price of the AirTag Leather Loop comes to Rs. 3,990/- in India.

You can order the AirTag Leather Loop from Poorvika in two ways.
One: Order it online from the official Poorvika website.
Two: You can visit the nearest Poorvika store to get your desired product.

When ordered online, you can get your orders delivered to your doorsteps by our expert delivery partners. They are well trained and care for your safety and security; hence sanitize the product before delivering it to you!

AirTag Loop:

The AirTag Loop serves the same function as the Apple AirTag Leather Loop. The significant difference between the two products being that Apple manufactures the Leather Loop using tanned French Leather and the AirTag Loop using Polyurethane.

You can use this Loop anywhere like your backpacks, wallets, Handbags, purses or any of your luggage.
The Loop secures itself into a circle that you can wrap around any strap, zip or to any other item you wish to track.

The Apple AirTag Loop comes in four different colour variants to choose from: Sunflower, Electric Orange, Deep navy, White.
You can choose your AirTag Loop from any of the above colours.

The price of the Apple AirTag Loop in India is Rs.2,990/-

The Apple AirTag doesn’t come accompanied by any other AirTag accessories, so you will have to buy both AirTag and its accessories separately.

You can order the Apple AirTag Accessories online from the official Poorvika website. Otherwise, you may even visit your nearby Poorvika store to buy these products.

Our delivery partners will deliver the products ordered online. Worry not, as our delivery experts put your safety first and ensure the delivery of sanitized products.



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