What are the best features of LG smart tv?

Just like most of the electronic products, television has also become smart. Few years back only laptops and computers used Operating Systems. An Operating System is nothing but a software, which is the bridge between other hardware and software of a computer. It is because Operating System computers are able to work in a brilliant manner. At present even televisions come with Operating System. Some companies use Android which is the Operating System of Google and other companies like LG and Samsung, use their own OS. Today we are going to describe what are the best features of LG Smart TV.

LG televisions are known for top notch picture clarity. This is also the reason why they are dominating the television market for several years. LG is also the first company to launch 4K OLED TV with HDR support. Most of the customers think Android and Smart televisions are entirely different. But the fact is both televisions don’t have much difference. Except Operating System there is no major difference between Android and Smart TV. Apart from picture clarity, Smart television has so many features that are useful in many scenarios.

LG: Smart TV

Acronym of LG is Life’s Good, the South Korean electronic company has never failed to bring innovation in their products. Using their own Operating System is definitely one of the greatest innovations by the company.

As developing an in house Operating System is a very monotonous and tedious task. And it is also a daring move because most of the companies will only try to use a product which has a reputation.

LG Smart TV has all features of an Android TV. So users can buy LG Smart television without having a second thought in their mind.

Just like Android TV, LG Smart television can bring content across the globe to your living room. LG Smart TV runs on webOS operating system which has a very simple and elegant user interface.

LG Smart TV: Picture Clarity

This is the most important aspect which a customer will have in their mind before buying a television. LG televisions offer world class picture quality and stunning colour reproduction.

Visuals from LG televisions will make everyone’s eyes lust. Prime reason behind top notch picture clarity is the type of display LG uses to manufacture their Smart TV.

Gone are the days when LCD displays were reigning the market with supreme dominance. Liquid Crystal Display most commonly known as LCD, is on the verge of going extinct.

Picture of LG 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50UM7700PTA with Built-in Google Assistant  Alexa

Because LED displays offer even better visuals than LCD. An LED display consists of several LED light bulbs. Each of these bulbs can emit light on its own.

As a result of this process, LED televisions are able to produce brighter pictures and accurate colours. In order to display black colour, these bulbs are switched off, hence black appears in a more promising manner.

And the most common resolution of LG Smart TV is 4K. 4K has 4 times higher number of pixels than Full HD. So a television display which supports 4K resolution can deliver much more clean and sharp visuals.

In addition to a great display, Wide Colour Gamut and HDR of LG Smart TV makes it stand out from the crowd.

LG Smart TV: Audio

Connecting the television to an external 5.1 surround system always is impossible. Hence a Smart TV must have a really amazing integrated speakers to enhance user experience to a great extent.

Audio output from the speakers of LG Smart TV is clear. And the balance between highs and lows is completely flawless. Vocals were clear so users need not strain a bit to identify the lyrics of a song.

Bass level from the speakers are deep and protruding but not deafening. Overall the sound level is audible enough to be heard clearly even in a 1000 square feet room too.

Internet Connectivity

Here comes the most important part of a Smart TV. We all know that mobiles, laptops and computers sought the help of internet to enhance their role in society.

Just like other products, televisions have joined the list. Smart TV comes with internet connectivity through which they are able to offer other AI features too.

You can use the Smart TV for browsing purpose, online gaming too. There is no need to have a console in order to play internet based games. All you need to have is a stable and robust internet connection.

The LG Smart TV supports numerous online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. So you can enjoy your favourite movie, web series on OTT platforms at high quality.

Best thing about watching movies on these platforms is the picture quality. You can stream content at 4K resolution without any kind of issues. Most of the DTH providers are delivering content in Full HD only.

This is actually a kind of limitation to a smart television. But LG Smart TV overcomes this limitation by upscaling Full HD into 4K.

Not just entertainment, you know the weather of your place, play songs from music service providers like Amazon Music and Spotify.

Using the LG Smart share application you can view and share all kinds of files like photos, audio and videos from your mobile, laptop, computer in a very convenient manner. Since this application works on wireless technology, the battery of your devices will not drain quickly.

Other Features

LG Smart TV has support for voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. User doesn’t have to do any action manually. They just have to begin with the phrase Hey Google or Hey Alexa to turn on the voice assistants.

After turning on voice assistants you can ask it whatever you want. For example if your home has other smart devices, you can control them using the voice assistant of LG Smart TV as well.

From controlling the temperature of your Air Conditioner to switching off lights, everything can be done through either Google Assistant or Alexa.


LG Smart TV has ports like USB and HDMI. Using these ports user will be able to view content from other devices and share content from LG Smart TV to other peripheral devices.

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