All about Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001

All about Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001

Are you tired of seeing the hefty price tags for a smartwatch?
Ever wished for a company to incorporate all the essential features in a budget-friendly Smartwatch?
Well, your wishes are now a reality as “Boltt” has come up with a unique kind of smartwatch; one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and, at the same time, is rich in features and specifications.

Let us understand the features offered by this pocket-friendly Fire Boltt smartwatch BSW001 in detail.

Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001- Display:

The Boltt BSW001 has a sturdy metallic build that not only gives the device a bright outlook but makes it last long even with rough use.
This Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001 features a 1.4″ HD Full-Colour Display, which is 10% larger when compared to other Smartwatches.

The device comes with a complete touch display that is very responsive, making the interface easier to navigate. It has a transparent 2.5D curved glass and features a screen resolution of 240*240 pixels. The 400 Nits peak brightness feature helps you view the display even on a bright sunny day.

Battery life:

The Fire Boltt BSW001’s powerful battery makes sure you need not charge the smartwatch frequently. You can work out without a break as the Boltt watch keeps tracking your physical activities without needing a break.

The battery life of this device is stunning as it can stay charged for up to eight days with typical usage and has a 30 day standby time!

Fire Boltt Smartwatch-Features:

Despite being a budget-friendly smartwatch, the Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001 comes with many attractive features. While many of the higher-end Smartwatches don’t feature SpO2 Blood Oxygen monitoring, Boltt managed to come up with it!

Also, it features multiple sports modes to monitor your fitness and track the number of calories burnt!

In this sedentary lifestyle, where we make our living by sitting in one place for hours on end, our physical activity has almost become zero, leading to many complications at a very early stage.

These smartwatches play a vital role in encouraging us to keep ourselves fit, thereby improving our physical activity and health.

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This smartwatch features Dynamic Heart rate monitoring that monitors your heart rate in real-time during your workout sessions.

Are you someone who keeps missing out on messages and notifications as you don’t look at your phone quite often? Then this Fire Bott Smartwatch will definitely be a lifesaver as it lets you stay socially connected without having to ever miss a single notification or call.

You can now control the music and camera remotely using your Fire Boltt Smartwatch.
Skip the track, increase or decrease the volume; do anything you wish, without taking out your mobile phone.
Also, enjoy the luxury of controlling your camera remotely without needing to take out your smartphone.

A good nights sleep is all we need to function effectively throughout the day! Though we all know this fact, we in the modern world find it challenging to establish a bedtime routine. The Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001 helps you establish a routine and keeps track of your sleeping trends, enabling you to achieve your sleep goals.

Fire Boltt Smartwatch Other features:

Reminds you to Stay Hydrated:

It is essential to stay hydrated, and while you are busy working or studying, you might forget to do so. Hence, Fire Boltt Smartwatch has a feature called “Water Drink” that reminds you to drink water once in a while.

Menstrual Reminders:

This reminder is one of the critical features of this smartwatch, as it helps you avoid any surprises and keep yourself prepared for your next menstrual cycle.

Sedentary Reminder:

You will receive an alert if you are sitting at a place for a long time thereby, encouraging you to move your body and increase your physical activity.

Fire Boltt Smartwatch- Colours:

The Fire Boltt Smartwatch BSW001 is available in 5 different colours:
Black, Blue, Grey, Pink and Yellow.

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