Which processor is better for a laptop, i5 or Ryzen 5?

There are only two semi-conductor companies namely AMD and Intel which manufacture chipsets for computer and laptop. And both companies have a plethora of amazing products. The competition between AMD and Intel has always been healthy. Because of the healthy competition, consumers are benefitted to a great extent. Both companies have a discrete series of chipsets which are categorized based on the processing power, number of cores and sheer performance. Intel has Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 series chipsets meanwhile AMD has Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and 9 series chipsets. This blog will be a comprehension for the question: Which processor is better for a laptop, i5 or Ryzen 5?

Chipset Architecture

A laptop’s chipset comprises of two types of architecture which serve different purposes. First type of architecture is Instruction set architecture and the next is Microarchitecture.

These two architecture must work together in order to function a laptop. All laptops and Desktops run on X86-64 bit Instruction set architecture. Only microarchitecture of each chipset is entirely different. It is the role of microarchitecture to govern how laptop implements every action.


Despite the strong presence of AMD in the industry for several years. Most of us immediately correlate with Intel while we hear the word chipset. This shows the dominance of Intel over semi-conductor industry for several decades.

Intel is not a mere market leader who kills competition in a merciless manner. Intel is also the Godfather of modern computing. Because without Intel, we will not have even heard the term microprocessor till this day. They were the first to develop World’s first microprocessor using the precise silicon cutting edge technology.

Core series Chipsets

Currently Intel has got many type of Core series chipsets. Among them, Intel Core i9 laptops and i7 are the most powerful laptops available in the industry.

Front view of Intel core i9 Apple MacBook Pro

Because these chipsets consists of more number of cores which helps Intel to deliver top notch performance.

Except heavy Gaming and Video editing a laptop with Intel Core i5 is ideal for all tasks like Programming and Graphic designing. Intel Core i5 is a Quad Core chipset with 8 threads. The latest 11th Generation Intel Core i5 chipsets are manufactured using 10 nanometre lithography.


Despite the dominance of Intel, AMD has always come with some really incredible products. But things weren’t in their favour during the era of AMD’s Bulldozer microarchitecture. It was only after launching the Ryzen series chipsets, AMD toppled Intel’s dream of becoming a monopoly of the semi-conductor industry. The Ryzen chipsets are built using Zen microarchitecture which took AMD to a whole different level.

Ryzen series Chipset

AMD follows similar pattern of Intel to categorize their Ryzen series chipsets. Their Ryzen 5 chipset is the powerhouse of many mid-range and certain upper mid-range laptops. The performance of Ryzen 5 series is on par with Intel Core i5 chipset. But AMD takes a lead in terms of battery life. Because Ryzen 5 chipsets are manufactured using 7 nanometre lithography of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Again the difference in battery life is not noticeable but negligible.

While speaking about performance, the Intel Core i5 definitely has an edge in Single Core. On the other hand some people will love AMD Ryzen 5 for its extra battery life. On the whole considering the price of laptops which run on AMD Ryzen 5, we will say Ryzen 5 is surely a better processor for a laptop.

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