HP 15 Intel Core i5 11th Gen Windows 10 15s-fq2535TU Laptop: Everything you need to know

No other gadget except for laptops has the capacity and range to help keep our productivity intact. This is the main reason we have constantly been seeing a surge in laptop sales over the past 2 years.

Whether you’re attending online classes, working on projects or working from home, laptops are the sole reason we’ve all been able to get through these days in a peaceful manner. A laptop with proper upgraded features and high-end attributes means you get tonnes more job done efficiently.

When we have a general conversation about laptops, HP is one brand we think about subconsciously. The prime reason is, HP cemented its dominance in the computing industry by delivering top-notch products. The brand has always been receptive and thoroughly involved in bringing about innovation to the tech world.

This blog will take a deep dive into explaining the features and specifications of the HP 15s-fq2535TU laptop briefly.

Design & Build Quality

The HP 15s-fq 2535TU follows a traditional clamshell design. Except for its slim bezels and Natural Silver body, the HP 15s doesn’t differ much from its predecessors. The glossy surface of the laptop’s body delivers a premium outlook, making it attractive to the eyes.

The Silver body of the laptop also gives it a metallic aura. Another secret ingredient is, HP uses special polycarbonate material to reduce the weight of this laptop. Despite the lightweight body, the overall build quality of HP 15s-fq 2535TU is pretty impressive.

Display & Keyboard

Binge-watching your favourite movie or any other content on the 15.6-inch display of the HP 15s-fq 2535TU will be nothing but a pure visual treat to your eyes. Since the display consists of a massive number of pixels, images look clean and sharp. The colour reproduction of the display is sound, which makes the laptop ideal for all kinds of users too.

The square-shaped keys on the full-size keyboard of HP 15s-fq 2535TU are light and responsive. And people who like to hear key sounds will love the laptop for its deep key travel space. There is also a discrete numeric keypad which is really helpful while working on spreadsheets.


The role of a laptop’s chipset is crucial as it handles the entire functionality. Only a laptop with a robust processor will be able to complete all your tasks in a matter of seconds.

The HP 15s-fq 2535TU laptop runs on the Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor. An 11th Gen Core series chipset that handles heavy-duty tasks easily. Within just a few months of launch, the 11th Gen chipsets have set a benchmark in terms of performance.

The Intel Core i5-1135G7 chipset can handle your regular heavy-duty tasks like Photo Editing, Circuit Diagram Designing and Application/Web Development on platforms like PyCharm and Android Studio effortlessly.


The 8GB DDR4 RAM of HP 15s-fq 2535TU works together with the chipset to deliver seamless performance while multitasking. As for storage, the laptop has a 512GB Solid State Drive, which is insanely quick. So the laptop can complete everything in a flash.

Since SSDs don’t have moving components, the laptop doesn’t suffer from issues like data latency.


The HP 15s-fq 2535TU has several ports for media and connectivity. And the list of ports is 1x USB Type-C, 2x USB Type-A, A HDMI to share content from your laptop to peripheral devices, RJ-45 for Ethernet connectivity, and a 3.5mm Headphone jack for all your listening needs.

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