Everything you need to know About Xiaomi Mi QLED Tv 4K

Mi is one of the very few companies that perfectly balance two factors, namely price and quality. Most companies are struggling to balance between these two factors because this is a very tough task to handle. If it were so easy, everyone would have done it. Their ability to handle these factors has made them one of the dominant forces in the television industry. This blog will be a review of the Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV.


Xiaomi follows a very simple and effective philosophy that prioritizes customer satisfaction above any other factor. They listen carefully to the views of users before launching a product. With their latest line-up of Smart TVs, it seems like the Chinese manufacturer is trying to exert their dominance in this industry.

What is QLED

QLED is the acronym of Quantum Light Emitting Diode. It is the latest technology used by companies to manufacture large displays, which only a few companies like Xiaomi, Samsung and TCL are using this technology to manufacture smart televisions.

QLED display of Xiaomi Mi QLED TV

A QLED display consists of several LED lights and optical sheets. Though the working principle of QLED is similar to LCD. QLED produces much better pictures and colour reproduction, which is absolutely accurate.

The power consumption of QLED television is comparatively lesser than traditional LED and LCD televisions. The QLED Smart TV consists of certain components which boosts the Display brightness level without consuming much power.

Compared to other types of LED televisions, the yield of QLED is higher. With QLED, the chances of image burn-in are very unlikely to happen.

Xiaomi Mi QLED TV

The 55-inch display of the Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV comes with a supporting screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 4K has four times more pixels than Full HD resolution. Because of the closely held pixels, content looks super clean on the Mi QLED Smart television display.

Since the screen size is pretty big, Full HD resolution is insufficient, And it seems like Mi is very well aware of the fact. That is why most of their recent smart TVs come with 4K screen resolution.

front view of Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV

The next impressive thing about this television is colour reproduction. Washed out colours don’t look good, and they can single-handedly ruin the visual experience of the smart TV. Top-notch hardware alone is not enough to deliver a blissful experience.

There are certain features like Dynamic Noise reduction, Colour temperature control, Vivid, Movie and Sport modes. These features optimize lighting and aspect ratio, so you will have to use them accordingly to get an immersive experience.

Audio output from the 30 Watts speaker of Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV can fill a large room effortlessly. Thus you need not always rely on external speakers.

Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV: Other Features

The Xiaomi Mi QLED 4K TV has several functional and valuable features, apart from stunning picture clarity. The TV supports several OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and ZEE5. So you can enjoy your favourite movies, web series, sports on a larger screen than any of your gadgets.

OTT support of Xiaomi Mi QLED TV

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