Is the LG 4K 50UM7700PTA 50 inch TV worth the price?

LG televisions are known for impeccable picture clarity and impressive audio output. The qualitative state of LG television is top-notch; that is why they can able to dominate the Smart TV industry for a long period. In this blog, we will be unveiling whether the LG 4K 50UM7700PTA 50 inch TV is worth the price? At present, LG is also one of the very few companies to manufacture OLED televisions. LG is supplying OLED panels to other market leaders like Vizo, Sony and Panasonic. This stands as proof to validate the Qualitative state of LG. Despite having so many accomplishments behind their name, LG is continuing to be modest.


The South Korean manufacturer has a tight hold over the entire electronic industry. It has a wide variety of products which includes Appliances and other household accessories. Meanwhile, it is one of the very few companies to manufacture its own OLED displays because manufacturing an OLED display is demanding and time-consuming. Yet, the yield of OLED displays is comparatively lower than other LCD and LED televisions available in the market.

picture of lg smart tv

The picture clarity of OLED is far better than other types of displays available in the market. Though it offers lower yields, LG continues to manufacture OLED displays. It shows us the willingness of LG to deliver the latest technology to its customers.

It is very hard to manufacture larger panels using OLED technology. Despite all odds, LG perfectly implemented everything.

LG 4K 50UM7700PTA

At present, LG is using OLED technology to manufacture in a very extensive manner. Because it is the only way, LG can capture the smart television industry from its rival.

The LG 4K 50UM7700PTA has a 50 inch OLED display that produces spectacular picture quality and impeccable colour reproduction. OLED is made of entirely different physical components. Also, the working principle of OLED is entirely different from other types of LCD and LED televisions.

True colour accuracy feature of LG smart TTV

OLED panels comprise several LED lights, and these lights can illuminate on their own without the support of any other component. Since there is no backlit between the television and the components, the OLED Smart TV has the control colour reproduction. It can be explicitly seen while watching celestial objects.

Other kinds of television cannot accurately produce content that consumes a lesser number of pixels. But OLED can do it effortlessly. Watching objects like stars and asteroids on OLED television will be a visual treat to our eyes. In addition to a great visual experience, OLED televisions don’t consume much power, as the lights inside the OLED panel automatically switch off while displaying black.

LG 4K 50UM7700PTA supports a screen resolution of ‎3840 x 2160 pixels. Hence the TV can deliver super sharp content without any loss in detail.

Other Features

This TV has two useful features which play a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience of the LG QLED 4K TV. The first feature of this tv is, it can transform regular content into 4K. On the other hand, you can control the entire functionality of the TV using your voice alone. Visit our website for more info on LG smart televisions. You can buy LG 4K 50UM7700PTA TV for just rupees 52,990 from our website Poorvika.

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