Is buying an AMD Ryzen laptop a good choice?


AMD is the name of a semi-conductor manufacturer which is headquartered at Santa Clara, California. There are two types of architecture which is required to manufacture a processor. Architecture of a CPU is a combination of Instruction set Architecture and Microarchitecture. Presently in order to build a processor for computer or laptop, you either have to use Instruction set architecture of AMD or Intel. Because no other company has the license to manufacture Instruction set architecture.

AMD Vs Intel

Both these companies have been competing in this industry for more than 30 years. And there is no absolute answer for the question Intel or AMD Ryzen

Because both manufacturers have been a great force in the computing world. A decade back, processors manufactured by the Advanced Micro Devices struggled to compete with Intel processors. But currently chipset by AMD has improved to a great extent.

AMD Ryzen processor

The company has affirmed that the performance of their Ryzen 7 4800H which uses Zen 2 microarchitecture is 31.7 times faster than Kaveri FX-7600P processor which used Bulldozer microarchitecture.

Despite many struggles and legal battles with Intel, AMD is still exerting their force in the industry only because of their willingness to learn and innovate their products.

Performance of AMD Ryzen Chipset

The reason why many people are still hesitant to buy laptops, which use AMD processor is because they have struggled for a long time.

And Intel has always maintained the lead by improving the microarchitecture. AMD could not compete with Intel using their Bulldozer microarchitecture and they were on the verge of going bankrupt.

They were losing to Intel and NVIDIA continuously but after Dr.Lisa Su became the Chief Executive Officer, things got better for AMD. They began to gain momentum after introducing Ryzen series CPU which uses Zen microarchitecture.

Yet the market was not ready to accept AMD and the reason remains unknown till this day. This kind of response was not new for AMD and they were not ready to give up.

In the year 2017, they launched next generation of Ryzen series processors. From then market started to accept AMD because of multi core performance.

We are not affirming anything about Ryzen processors instead we are just portraying what is happening in benchmark tests. In all benchmark tests, multicore performance of Ryzen processors are exceptional and the numbers are higher than Intel Core processors.

Under the leadership of Dr.Lisa Su AMD flourished like never before. AMD didn’t stop after surpassing the scores of Intel. They did something which is unthinkable, yeah you read it correctly.

AMD Chipset: Lithography

Many System on Chip manufacturers were struggling to manufacture a 7 nanometre chipset meanwhile AMD unveiled their first 7 nanometre processor. And it is also the first 7 nanometre processor in the computing world.

Are you wondering how AMD did the unthinkable? Don’t worry, we are here only to explain. Read the entire blog to know the answer. The process involved in manufacturing a chip is called lithography.

Nanometre is the space between each transistor in a chipset. A chipset is made of several transistors. By reducing the size of each transistor, manufacturers are able to include more transistor in a processor.

Battery life of AMD Ryzen Chipset

This contributes directly in performance and battery life. Because more transistors can work together to perform a task. Since the size of transistor is smaller, the chipset will not consume much power.

AMD has used a special technology called Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography in order to manufacture a 7 nanometre chip for computers and laptop. By manufacturing a 7 nanometre computer chip, AMD has created history. This is how AMD started to win the hearts of customers.

After testing several laptops which uses Ryzen chipset, we will say buying a laptop with AMD Ryzen processor is definitely a good choice. Because it offers better multi core performance at more affordable prices. Price of Ryzen laptops starts starts from Rs.30,490 in our website Poorvika.

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