Which Intel Core Processor is Best for a Laptop?

After hearing the word Intel, most of us instantly correlate with the Blue colour start-up screen with Intel Inside. Suppose you are familiar with older operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7. We bet you will have come across this scenario, before the computer or laptop boots up. The Californian semiconductor manufacturing company has impacted our lives to a great extent. In this blog, we are going to reveal Which Intel Core processor is best for a laptop.


Intel is the godfather of the computing industry. Without the contribution of Intel, the entire computing industry will not have grown at this pace. Even now, all-silicon chipsets are built using the principle given by Gordon Moore, who is also the co-founder of Intel.

Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor

Technically, Moore’s law is still relevant and working. Even other semiconductor manufacturers like AMD enhance the performance of their chipsets with the help of Moore’s law. Before launching Core series chipsets, there was a very tight competition between Intel and AMD.

Though Intel was the first company to introduce World’s first microprocessor, they couldn’t develop a 64-bit Instruction set architecture on their own. So Intel had to license the X86-64 bit architecture from AMD. Despite putting in loads of effort, Intel couldn’t become the market leader before launching their Core series chipsets.

After the launch of Core series chipsets, Intel’s position in the market became more firm and dominant. Currently, the sceptre of Intel stands tall. Intel was able to accomplish this feat only because of their Core series chipsets.

Core Series Chipsets

Core series chipsets come with four different surnames. And they are Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 each of this processor are manufactured for a specific purpose. So it is vague about specifying a particular series processor as best for a laptop.

For instance, a laptop with a Core i3 processor is best for all sorts of primary purposes and attending online classes. But it cannot handle demanding and heavy tasks like video editing, so your work involves complex tasks like automation, video editing, and programming. A laptop with a Core i3 is a bad laptop for your usage.

Intel Core series chipset

Laptops which run on Intel Core i9 processors are ideal for tasks that require a lot of processing power. If you are working on website automation, a laptop must have a robust processor to run the process fluidly.

There are several reasons why each of the processors performs differently. Among the various reasons, the first is the number of cores. The number of cores determines the performance of a chipset to a great extent.

A higher number of cores comes with a hefty price. Because the manufacturing cost of highly powerful processors is very expensive, so it is better to understand your needs before buying a laptop. But a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor has enough muscle to handle most of the workload.

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