Your Questions about LED TVS Answered

At present, most televisions come with LED displays. Though the picture clarity of LCD was good, companies began to ditch LCD to adopt LED. This transformation leads to a question. Why did companies embrace LED displays? It is because LEDs offer much better picture clarity and stunning color reproduction. A direct answer to certain questions will not be considered legitimate. That is why in this blog, we will be answering the most commonly asked questions about LED TVs and what makes LED better than LCD panels.

LED Technology

The fundamentals and working principles of LED technology vary from LCD. This is, why there are so many questions and skepticism existing around the performance of LED television. LED panels comprises of several LED lights, and it is the role of these lights to produce pictures. Unlike LCD panels, LEDs don’t rely on the backlighting process since LED lights can illuminate on their own, so they are able to produce colors in a more accurate manner than LCD displays.

Picture Clarity

Except OLED TVs, other types of LED television follow the working principle of LCD. Only the backlighting method differs between LCD and LED. LCD television uses CCFL backlighting method to illuminate the liquid and solid crystal layer of the TV. Whereas the backlight of an LED TV is made up of a number of LED lights. These lights pass through layers like polarizing film and TFT before reaching the eyes of the user.

Can we surf web on LED TVs?

Yeah, you can, that’s why LED TVs are called smart television. TVs has got the ability to bring the entire world to our living room. In fact, most of the LED smart television comes with pre-installed browsers and AI applications like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With the help of these applications, you can actually access the entire functionality of a TV without touching the remote itself.

Do LED TVs consume more power.

No, they don’t. It is the most common question which we are very frequently asked. Most of them think LEDs consume more power because the brightness of LEDs is high. Despite offering higher brightness, the power consumption of LED TVs is very minimal.

Mi TV 5X uses LED display

You might wonder and ask how? LEDs don’t consume much power because it follows the working model of drip irrigation. Because LEDs automatically turn off while displaying black colour. This is the way the blacks look more natural, and the power consumption is reduced to a great extent.

Are LEDs and OLED TVs same

Both are similar but different. They are confusing right. Don’t worry, we will simplify the fundamental differences. OLED panels are made of LED lights, but the working principle of OLED television is entirely different from the LED. Because OLED panels don’t work on backlighting methodology.

Difference between LED and OLED

Thus OLED TVs are able to produce more vibrant colours and the detailing level of the content is definitely better than LCD and LED televisions. And OLED TVs are even slimmer than LED television.

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