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Marshall Uxbridge Voice With Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall has been developing a new wireless smart speaker to add to their collection of home speakers. The Marshall Uxbridge Voice has an impressive sound for its size. While it is likely that you will not be able to pick up the very low basslines in the low 60Hz range, the low end overall is given some emphasis that makes it sound more significant than it is.

Despite the numerous synths in the background, the vocals are heard. Highs were also handled very well, and the hi-hats and snare hits never sounded harsh. 

The Marshall Uxbridge Voice is an excellent smart speaker that sounds good, and won’t fill up your bookshelf, and won’t be overwhelming to use. This classical amp is a perfect choice if you’re already in the Alexa ecosystem and have a Chromecast on your TV.

No matter what you choose, if sound quality is essential to you, this speaker sounds as good as it looks, and it is even better than other smart speakers I’ve tried. The Uxbridge Voice also works well with other Marshall Wi-Fi speakers. This is a good choice if you already own one of their more prominent wireless speakers and want to get a second speaker to use in another room.


A dual far-field microphone array will allow the Uxbridge to integrate Amazon Alexa. You can use the assistant to control music from your favourite music services, ask questions, or use the Alexa multi-room if you have Alexa speakers around the house. Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, and wireless voice control are all available as well.

Marshall speakers come with the same Bass, and Treble controls we’re used to seeing. For complete privacy, the Uxbridge also has a mute microphone button and a play, pause, and skip button on top. It can be used with a whole-home multi-room audio system. With wireless speakers, you can play different songs in different rooms or make your system all-encompassing by playing the same music throughout your home. Start with a single speaker, and don’t be afraid to add more over time.


Marshall’s Uxbridge stereo speaker has a 30W amplifier for the tweeter and a 50W amplifier for the woofer. It is not designed to be used with a stereo pair, but to be enjoyed in stereo. Marshall speakers are perfect for those who love indie, rock, or alternative music genres due to their warm sound signature and crisp vocals. A brilliant speaker that delivers clean, precise sound, it combines the legendary Marshall sound with the help of Amazon Alexa. Uxbridge Voice uses its compact design to produce a thunderous sound with high-end components to produce a sound that only Marshall can deliver. Multi-task hands-free with Alexa.

Marshall’s Uxbridge Voice offers a powerful, pure sound while remaining quite compact, making it an excellent addition to a workspace. In addition, since it’s integrated with Amazon Alexa, you can have a ‘smart’ speaker in your office or home. In my opinion, this is a worthwhile speaker to invest in.



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